Smartphones have changed a lot from the start and can not be compared to the first generation of previous phones with the latest announced by the competing companies.

Now we see a lot of features that we did not expect in our mobile phones such as the high accuracy of the camera and the distinctive screen, which indicates that the productivity of these phones is high and important to compete between smart phones in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You can not talk about phones with high productivity and similar to the computer, but talking about the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is distinguished from the rest of the phones with pen S -Pen, which is a very useful tool in the exploitation of the phone like a computer screen.

One of the things that characterizes the phone is the size of the screen 6.3 inches, which is larger than the traditional screen of the category of Apple, which is usually 5.5 inches, which is closer to the computer, especially with the addition of the subsequent Samsung DeX, which allows the transfer of the phone to a desktop computer running Chrome OS with the phone can be connected I have a display screen, but what is taken on the phone is a somewhat expensive price.

LG V30

LG, the other contender from South Korea, has a series of high-end phones under the name V. This is the series that reaches the LG V30, which has a 5.7-inch OLED display. What distinguishes the productivity of this phone is the camera in terms of focus on photography, video and content creation where it has one of The best 16-megapixel 16-megapixel camera with a 1.6 / f lens with key adjustment and key sensor with a 13 megapixel camera. The camera also has a distinctive audio device for anyone who wants music that makes the phone a good product in terms of productivity among its smartphone peers.

One Plus 5T

China’s One Plus is on the line of competition in the high-yield phones over the phone 5T, which is more cost-effective than any other in the list with good features in the 6-inch 1080p 6-inch Optic AMOLED with the 8GB Qualcomm, 8G RAM and internal memory Up to 128 GB and the price starts at $ 499.

iPhone 8 Plus

The smartphone from the company is the highest processor is stronger than ever before, but it is similar to many specifications with iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the main differences between them do not affect the productivity at the level of convergence and therefore the latter is what we are looking for Apple’s phones, the solution is With the iPhone 8 Plus with a suitable screen size of 5.5 inches, is larger than the iPhone 8, the size of 4.7 inches and smaller than the iPhone in size X 5.8 inch, the average of them, as well as there is the price starting from 799 dollars for storage memory 64 GB, which is about 200 Of course, if iPhone phones are among the top In productivity, the iPhone 8 Plus is the most suitable among them.

Google Pixel 2

The second generation of Google Pixel phones is one of the most important in the area of ​​productivity and effectiveness between smart phones and is focused on the importance of artificial intelligence with the best software in the screen resolution of 1080p edge to the edge of 5 inches compared to the version of the 6-inch Blas, what distinguishes the phone is a lens Google Lens, which is the best practical application of artificial intelligence where the lens automatically adapts to what is seen by the camera sensor, which leads to the best result when taking a picture or video.