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Google Pay will shortly allow you to send money via a QR code


Google Pay does not want to know not to be talked about after the official launch last week in Italy after too long waiting for many aspects and that seemed to never end despite the various rumors. In these hours continues to be the focus of media attention also thanks to some news that could soon also lead to our market trying to recover lost time against Apple and, above all, in the minds of consumers. Sending and receiving money through the simple Google Pay application would undoubtedly be a great convenience.

Apple has already implemented this solution on Apple Pay but unfortunately only in the United States of America at the time leaving instead the option here in Italy but not working. Google may decide to follow this trail, however, doing in part in his own way and giving the opportunity to users to take advantage of this option by allowing the passage of simple money but also implementing a second way useful in other areas.

It seems in fact that it may be possible, in a subsequent update, to create a QR Code that it is able to allow the user who will go to frame to send money or less quickly. Undoubtedly it would be an option that would make even the operations between users close to each other much simpler or that, for example, they want to share a total expense and in this way they can pay it directly to the interested party.

It could also be intriguing from the commercial point of view since if Google can make available to the various operators this possibility, they will be able to get a QR code right on the cash register for example by receiving the money immediately with a simple tap, a bit in Satispay style but without the research of the merchant on duty and therefore with one step less to do for the consumer in the payment phase

At the moment it is not clear when and how we will see this option. The testing phases are currently under way and Google has promised to want to work on it in a decisive manner so as to be able to bring it as quickly as possible on the market. Of course this would not allow him to recover perhaps those users who have switched to the competition, but certainly could be a boast for example of Apple that even today did not want to open its “gates” in that sense.

Will it arrive by the end of 2018 according to you?