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With trends such as the digital nomad’s lifestyle growing in popularity, the amount of resources for freelancers has also increased. Whether you are looking for a new way to pay your bills, or want new opportunities for professional development or love the freedom of being a freelancer, there is no doubt that millions of people have discovered the professional benefits of working for their account. With trends such as the digital nomad’s lifestyle growing in popularity, the amount of resources for freelancers has also increased.

There are many guides on how to succeed on your own, but how to slow down, getting well-paid jobs don’t just depend on subscribing to popular platforms. You will have to build your reputation, have an extensive portfolio of previous work, and even demonstrate your skills and professionalism by doing free trials. Here is a list of 11 amazing sites where you can find a job as a freelancer.

11 Freelance platforms for Digital Nomads

  1. Upwork

With more than 1.5 million clients, Upwork has something for every freelancer. It serves for short and long projects and for projects paid by the hour or by project, depending on the level of experience you offer. Regardless of where in your career you are, Upwork has something for you.

  1. Toptal

With a totally different approach to other platforms on this list, Toptal is for talented and experienced freelancers. If you pass the selection process, you will have access to exciting projects with clients such as JP Morgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc. And fair compensation (here there are no bid options). You will also have access to the Toptal community that organizes meetings and technology events.

  1. Freelancer

Unlike most other platforms, in addition to offering millions of projects, Freelancer allows you to compete against other freelancers in competitions to demonstrate your capabilities. If you are competitive and feel confident about your skills, here, you can show them and attract more customers.

  1. Craigslist

Although most people think of Craigslist as a platform to sell and buy everything, it is also an excellent resource for finding freelance jobs. You can easily search for local offers if you want projects that make you go to the office, or you can search for remote jobs in any city.

  1. Guru

Guru allows you to show your previous work easily and offers an alert feature to make sure you don’t miss an excellent opportunity. In addition, the Guru office allows you to manage your work.

  1. 99designs

A platform for designers that allows you to put your designs to competition and get feedback from customers who choose the best. It is a great way for talented designers to showcase their work.

  1. Peopleperhour

This is a great platform to focus on digital projects. This is one of the top Freelance sites. If you are a designer, developer, SEO expert, or any other digital activity, this is the platform you should review.

  1. Freelance Writing Gigs

If you are a writer, editor, blogger, publisher, or a combination of all, this platform is an excellent option for freelancers who are good at words.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform for creatives, from writers, producers, directors, photographers, and more. Offer your services at the cost you consider, and businesses that need what you do will contact you. It is the most straightforward and extremely profitable when you build a good reputation.

  1. College Recruiter

As the name suggests, this platform is for students or recent graduates who are looking for work. In addition to being a great source of part-time jobs, it can be a good place to start building your professional career.

  1. Kolabtree

Kolabtree is a page for scientists and academics seeking help to research, write, and much more. Qualified and experienced freelancers can find jobs for editing, writing, consulting, or analyzing data. The pay varies depending on the scope and is established once the connection between the company and the freelancer is made.