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Fix Battery Drain Problem on Your iPhone After Updating to iOS 12


As usual, after every update to a new operating system, many Apple users complain about the Battery Drain Problem on their iPhone, which is what happened when they updated the new version of the iOS 12, which also had a share of battery depletion problems. In order to help you avoid Battery Drain Problem, you can take these steps to help avoid this problem as much as possible:

Check for unnecessary applications that drain the battery quickly

After installing iOS 12, go to your device’s battery settings and find applications that consume most of your phone’s battery power. If you find something unusual about an application, remove it from your phone.

If the app is necessary, download it again but be sure to monitor battery consumption in the next few days. Removing and reinstalling the app may help fix any problems you might encounter with your iPhone battery.

Stop site services

An application is likely to overly use location services on your phone, resulting in a battery drain quickly, and you can activate this option by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Privacy
  • Scroll down until you find Location Services and close the switch next to it.

Stop Widgets

Widgets are a set of mini-applications or mini-features for some applications that let you control some of the app’s features through the notification center on Apple devices by quickly getting timely information from your favorite applications, including: calendar and contacts FaceTime, home, mail, maps, notes, photos, reminders, weather and many more.

Widgets can quickly drain your battery, especially those that use location services, such as maps or weather, to stop them. You can follow these steps:

  • Drag left over the Home screen
  • When you see your Widget screen scroll down and press Edit
  • Click the red circle next to any Widgets you want to remove
  • To save your edits, press Done

Turn on Wi-Fi Assistant

Wi-Fi Assist helps avoid battery depletion quickly in low Wi-Fi areas. If your Wi-Fi network is too slow, instead of working at full capacity, try to get a good Wi-Fi network It will automatically switch to a phone data connection, increasing your Internet usage and reducing battery pressure.

To activate the Wi-Fi Assist feature, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click the Cellular option
  • Scroll down until you find the Wi-Fi Assist option and enable the switch next to it

Avoid overheating your iPhone while working

If you notice the temperature of an iPhone phone after installing iOS 12, go to your device’s battery settings and select any application that may be causing it, and delete it from your device.

If you’ve just installed iOS 12, restart Restart for your iPhone and give it a few days’ chance to set it up with iOS 12.