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Facebook Security Breach Affected 50 Million Accounts Across the World


Facebook said on Friday that a security breach had affected 50 million accounts across the world, indicating that 90 million users would have to re-enter their accounts. The company explained that the attackers stole the access codes through the feature “View the profile as shown to others” and they can use to grab accounts.

“Because we have just started our investigation, we have not yet determined whether these accounts were abused or compromised,” the company said in a blog post.

It also stressed that it had already taken the necessary measures to reform the security problem and to notify law enforcement agencies in the United States.

However, she noted in her statement that there was no need for anyone to change their passwords on the site.

Shares in Facebook fell 3% to 163.78 dollars per share during overnight transactions after the announcement.

Earlier on Friday, a number of Facebook users were surprised to log out of their accounts without any prior warning or a change in settings justifies it.

When you open the ” Facebook ” or “Messenger” application, a message appears in many users asking them to re-enter them by entering their email address and password.

This raised the concern of some users, who thought their accounts had been stolen.

More than 2 billion people worldwide use Facebook every month.