Facebook Small Business Pages

Facebook is trying to renew the way that show which companies to apply its own smartphone, which is paid to the announcement for undertaking the process of redesigning the pages of about 80 million local business small in order to facilitate interaction with them, so that it is currently offering assistance tools front and center in Page, allowing users to interact with businesses more easily, such as making a reservation at a restaurant or booking an appointment at the hairdresser.

The company focuses on promoting all local stuff, including nearby stores, and stories are on the top of the business page, so consumers can identify who is responsible for the business, and help consumers get more information about events and offers. Promotional offers offered by commercial activity, as well as the most prominent images and shows he has.

As part of the change, Facebook is adding relevant pages to direct users to other local businesses. Alex Himel, vice president of Facebook for local activities, said: “There is no easy way within Facebook to discover new local businesses. Discover new companies that we think users will be excited about. “

The redesign process is different depending on each category of local activity. The company starts with local restaurant and service pages, TV shows, and custom designs for other types of pages in the near future. Facebook also simplifies the recommendation feature for pages, By including group reviews as an alternative to traditional reviews.

Facebook wants to improve the same reviews by setting a minimum of 25 characters. The company emphasizes its renewed focus on business by adding a section called “Local” to its mobile application and website, where users can learn the best places to recommend, Friends, along with their availability of job search tools worldwide after being previously restricted to certain markets.

This step comes after the platform made some changes to the latest news section, so that the section shows the content posted by friends at the top of the user news feed instead of the promotional content. This has led to a decrease in the content of some businesses. This problem is in the near future.

“We know that the core value we offer to companies on the platform is accessibility, and we focus on meaningful interactions in the feed feed rather than wasting time, and know that there are a lot of important interactions about local businesses or with local companies,” Alex Hymel said. To talk about this later this year. “