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Facebook apologizes for an error that led to a temporary ban on people


The world’s largest social networking platform Facebook announced its discovery this morning affected 800,000 users by unblocking at least one person from the user ban list for about a week, and explained that it would alert people affected by the error, which ended the ban on previously banned people Within the user accounts, the company said the error was active between May 29 and June 5.

She explained Erin Egan, Privacy is responsible in the Facebook problem through publication, saying: “Some of blocked users could not see by the person who block them, but they had seen things share this person with a wider audience , such as images that have been shared with friends of friends, We know that the ability to ban someone is important for users, and we would like to apologize and explain what happened.”

According to the platform, the error did not re-establish the friendship between any affected users and blocked users, but blocked users may be able to resubmit their friendship requests if they notice that their ban has been suddenly unblocked. Irene Egan also confirmed that users who have been blocked may be able to Send messages via Messenger to people they do not want to interact with at all.

According to Facebook data, 85 percent of people have at least one person on the ban list. Their ban has been suspended because of the error. The problem has now been fixed and everyone has been banned again. The affected people will receive a Facebook alert encouraging them to check the ban list.

Eran Egan says that banning across the platform not only targets people whose posts are disturbing, but also aims to prevent harassment, bullying and any other abusive and disruptive behavior of online interaction and communication. The impact of the error is limited as it has affected very few base Facebook users of 2.2 billion.

The Facebook platform initially declined to provide a concrete explanation of how the error occurred and why it lasted for about one week, but later responded through its official account on the Twitter microblogging platform with a more detailed explanation of how the so-called “related links” See posts and actions that these users can take on those posts that were accidentally deleted.

The error was the second social network error in less than a month. Earlier in June, the platform detected a software problem affecting 14 million users and changed some privacy settings related to user publications, This vulnerability changed the privacy settings of publications, and instead of being limited to friends, it became visible to all people.

According to the information, the software error that caused some privacy settings to be changed was due to a new Facebook tool called “Featured Items” that highlights the images and other content in the user profile. These features are visible to all Facebook users, The platform has inadvertently expanded the settings of this tool to include all new posts for those users.

Facebook is clearly listening to suggestions for greater transparency on its products and privacy settings, especially in the event of problems, and plans to show more of these alerts to be clear and explicit with its users about any other privacy problem you may discover in the future. With privacy features to keep people posted.

Over the past few months, Facebook executives have been forced to apologize repeatedly to users for not protecting their privacy after the news of the Cambridge Data Analytics scandal and data from more than 87 million people, as well as information about the platform giving mobile phone makers, Including Apple, Samsung and Huawei, have access to Facebook user data and friends.