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Experts say that smartphones are more Dangerous than Coronavirus


How save do you think you’re from the coronavirus when a danger closer to you is just waiting for you to make the one mistake which will cost you? Without even knowing it your smartphone can be your demise.

What maybe you don’t know

Based on data about people’s AVERAGE deaths due to frequent smartphone use, you may be surprised, but it’s not too much about these. People think that the coronavirus is more dangerous than this, which is a fallacy.

Global statistics of deaths due to smartphone vs. COVID-19

The number of incidents per year caused by texting while driving is shocking; indeed, here are the figures and will equate them to the coronavirus immediately thereafter: one million six hundred thousand accidents per year, 330,000 injuries per year and 11 teen deaths each day. Nearly 25 percent of all accidents involving vehicles. This is the main explanation for injuries or fatalities associated with the move. It’s six times more likely to happen than drunk driving, and is driver distraction number one.

This also makes you 23 times more likely to crash for about 5 seconds at a time equivalent to driving blind. Slows your brake reaction speed by more than 18 percent and results in an increase of 400 percent with eyes off the track.

COVID-19 figures worldwide currently reach 80,348 cases and 2,707 deaths, with around 27,890 recovering. Today, given quarantine and health precautions, numbers are still increasing, but the numbers do not lie. As the number of cases for coronavirus increases, injuries and deaths also rise at an alarming rate among many countries, making it illegal to use your mobile while driving.

What should happen

This is to raise awareness to everyone out there that yet the coronavirus is dangerous but so using smartphones when traveling and even crossing the road, always be mindful of the environment and only use the phone if you really need to pull over first while driving. As for pedestrians, if you ever cross the street, it’s the protocol to look at both ways before crossing the road, not watching the latest Tiktok video you’re about to do with your friends later on.

“Stand at the intersection in the CBD for half an hour and you’ll see five or ten people just being saved or preventing themselves from heading into traffic because they’ve been looking down at their screen. If you tap them on the shoulder to look up, it’s as if they’ve been in some misery because they’re so lost in their eyes,” says RACQ spokeswoman Paul Turner.

“We think the offense is on its way. There’s no question about it,” he later added.

Regardless of what you think your smartphone’s health effects will have in the coming years, note that the age of smartphones is just over a few years or about a decade; but it has caused more deaths than any epidemic that could be a pandemic. The coronavirus will finally get a cure, but it’s their cell phones that are a constant challenge people have to face in order for people to be free from the addiction.