10 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan in 2019
10 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan in 2019

Making money online is an art, choosing the legitimate way, and learning how to earn money online in 2019 in Pakistan. You’ve come to learn how to earn money online at home. I also looked for “how to make money online in Pakistan” a couple of years ago. Today, I’m a self-employed individual and a full-time online earner. I can guide you with the top 10 online earning methods that work for me to make money online in Pakistan.

Earn money online in Pakistan: I recommend you to choose the right method/way from the list to create money online in 2019. Legitimate ways online to earn money online can take some time to make you successful and begin flowing the cash, but it’s continuous.

Again I’m telling you that from my seven years of internet money-making experience.

  • You can not be wealthy overnight in a legal manner of earning online. It requires some time (beginners have an average of 6 months).
  • Starting online earning isn’t too hard, but you have to work professionally to keep the money flow going.

If you find an immediate alternative to make money online, be cautious about scams.

I advise the individual immediately in need of cash; attempt to get a bank loan. If not, ask for a loan from colleagues and begin earning online to clear the loan. (Believe me, it’s working. I’ve done it before!).

I have not mentioned here internet earning techniques that are not reliable to me (such as data entry, PTC sites, etc.). So, I can’t recommend you to go and waste your precious time with them. By working online, you can gain enormous amounts of cash when you become your own boss. Working for someone else can not make you wealthy.

I began my true internet revenue in 2014 (after my 3 years of data entry life wasted and worked for others). I felt boring when, in the meantime, I could not get any cash from my achievement. Thanks to God who gave me patience without earning to work continuously. Four months of a difficult job, I could begin earning online.

Now come to the main point; here I mentioned my reliable internet earning source, which enables me to be a successful self-employed individual.

10 Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan From Home

(I belong to Pakistan, so I include my country name here. The methods working for all the countries like USA, UK, Canada, India, Bangladesh and so on).

1. Earn Money From Blogging

Blogging can be used as an income source as well. By creating a blog and posting ads on the blog, i.e. Google Adsense, your website’s traffic increases the revenue you earn through Google Adsense. Blogging is nothing more than regularly writing our opinions on the website. Blogging can be linked to anything related to food, technology, travel, etc.

Blogging is the 2nd highest possibility of making money online (first is the marketing of affiliates). Earnings will rise every day after starting a blog professionally. Even if I can’t update my blogs on a daily basis, the money flow hasn’t stopped. So my first recommendation is to start a blog and make online money.

2. Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing / © TechMag

When I am talking about earning money online; Affiliate Marketing claims the top position based on earnings. But if you can’t continue working for a couple of days; the flow of money will stop. This is the difference between Google AdSense and the marketing of the affiliate.

My first suggestion, therefore, is to go to Adsense.

Whatever, if you are able to sell online, you can start earning online through Affiliate Marketing.

You need a blog or website in both cases (Adsense or Affiliate) to promote your content or affiliate product.

Generally, major e-commerce websites like Amazon, ShareASale, Clickbank, Rakuten Marketing, Flipkart, snapdeal look for people on their websites promoting the products. They take registrations from affiliates and give them a unique affiliate id. Affiliates can earn about 5-10% of the order value if someone places the order through the link generated by the affiliate’s unique id. Earning an affiliate receives a nice quantity of cash once you get the customers who buy frequently through your link.

3. Earn Money as a Freelancer

Freelancer / © TechMag

Freelancing means working in our free time for someone. By using our talents and our knowledge, we can earn a good deal of money. There are many websites that are freelancing on the internet. After we join, we can see that there are several clients and their work required, indicating the number of working hours needed to complete the job, as well as the topics on which the work is based. It also shows how much by completing the work you can earn. Through this, if we are very good at some works compared with others, we can earn a lot of money.

  • It’s a marketplace where some people come to find out a job online and some people come to hire it.
  • It is amazing! Thousands of online employees earn a decent amount every day. Fiverr.com, freelancer.com, and Upwork are some reliable and reputable freelancing marketplace. It is very easy to register.
  • On those sites to be hired, you can list your abilities in your profile. When someone finds out your job-friendly profile, they hire you, and you get a chance to earn money online.

But freelancing is not for the person like me! I have tried it in the past, but can’t achieve success. Let me clarify the disadvantage of becoming a freelancer.

Your profile got a star rating when you recruited for a job and supplied it effectively. Any work supplier would like to employ a highly rated profile. They are looking for their work skills and hiring a top-rated job profile. Beginners are not fitted in their criteria due to rating less profile.

When nobody hires you, how you got a star rating? With zero star rating, no-one comes to hire you!

So, on freelancer websites, I stopped spending my time.

4. Make Money from Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/yzVxz_OYVxU

Earnings from Amazon Kindle only a good source of income if you can write any topic related books.

You can write and upload these books to the website of Amazon Kindle. You will receive a royalty for your writings when users purchase your e-book. You will generally get 35% of your book price. But if you register for Kindle Unlimited, you will receive as a royalty 70 percent of the book price.

You need to write good content books, good pricing, and good promotion. By promoting the book you will earn a lot of money.

5. Make Money From YouTube

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/QK1OhZmopBo

Youtube is a great source of income but it needs a great deal of dedication. You can create videos and put them on Youtube and monetize them by reaching your video and generating revenue from the number of users who see ads on your video. In order to get a good number of subscribers and good views on your videos, your Youtube channel needs to be promoted a lot across different channels.

You need to be creative enough to create new concept videos or at least a new way to show existing concept videos. On average, Youtube videos can generate revenue of about $1 per 1000 views.

So, be a creative person and make lots of money on Youtube— major video areas. Reviews by phone, unboxing. Movie errors, comedy videos like pranks, etc. Everyone knows that YouTube is the biggest video platform, and Google gives you the opportunity to make money online by uploading unique videos.

YouTube’s internet earning is simple without any investment. You must develop your own YouTube channel by clicking here to become a YouTube partner.

Requirements are nothing,

  1. Video recording camera: You can use your portable camera.
  2. Software for Video Editing: I recommend using FilmoraGo, PowerDirector, or KineMaster.
  3. Internet Data: You need high-speed internet data to upload videos.
  4. Choose a particular subject with your greatest capacity and continuously upload videos.

But before monetizing with AdSense, your channel can not gain a penny. Here are the variables to be accomplished in order to monetize your YouTube channel with AdSense,

  • Your channel must reach 1000 subscribers.
  • Your channel’s total watch time should be 4,000 Hours.

6. Earn Money By Stock Market Trading

Stock Market Trading
Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/hpjSkU2UYSU

Stock & Forex trading is the ultra-fast way to earn money online. Anyone can currently open a Demat account to start trading and generate a beautiful online revenue. FNO trading and Intraday can quickly make you rich as any other online cash gaining opportunity.

But if you ask me why I’m leaving daily stock trading, I’ll just tell you one sentence, “Greedy on more profit is planning to lose all.”

I gained some knowledge about a stock trading at first, making thousands of daily profit. But I now become an event trader when I realized my mistake somehow and I leave trading intraday.

Caution: Stock trading differs slightly from other sources of online income. In this situation, there are two kinds of money flow, + Ve & -Ve, meaning not just profit, sometimes prepared to lose cash. My suggestion is, “start with a little investment, learn all, become an expert, and invest as you like.”

7. Earn Money by Teaching Online

Teaching Online
Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/VBty-RzVbjo

There are many websites that help school students to solve academic issues and teach the concepts if they haven’t understood them.

Generally, these websites need tutors who can devote their time to solving the problems and clearing students ‘ doubts. There are some trusted websites such as coursehero.com, gotit.com, chegg.com, transtutors.com, etc. By joining these websites, they usually test the topics that you want to teach and appoint as an online tutor. Through this, teaching students can make a lot of money. We can generally earn about $0.5 for every successfully cleared question.

8. Make Money through Registering Domains & Sell Domains

This is one of the best ways to earn money. We need to purchase domains from a regular domain purchasing website. We need to buy domains carefully; we need to buy all websites related to the product or company or any service that has been launched.

Through this, the company’s owner must contact you so that you can use the website you purchased. You can actually earn thousands of money by purchasing a website for 100 rupees.

9. Make Money from Apps

There are many Android applications available that provide incentives to download and register applications. The incentives vary from application to app.

Some apps allow Paytm or any other wallet to transfer the money from their account. Some apps allow their mobile number to be recharged only. Some of the apps are Ladoo, Taskbucks, pokkt money, etc. The amount earned varies from app to app; this method allows you to earn around 20 rupees per day.

10. Earn Money from Facebook

Facebook Ads is a facility that is extended to corporate and individual users by the social media giant. It allows you to create and pot various kinds of advertisements that target a particular group of people based on age, location, and other demographic parameters.

You can make money by advertising through Facebook Ads if you have a small home-based business. Depending on your usage and target audience, the social media firm offers free and paid Facebook Ads packages.

You can also provide advertising services on behalf of companies that wish to remain anonymous. Several large firms that hire staff are not disclosing their identity.


I have already tested every method of online earning. If you believe me, don’t go for the online earning source listed below. I have just listed those worst methods to save your valuable time.

  • PTC ads clicking
  • Captcha Solving
  • Online Data Entry
  • Domain Trading

If you have any question about make money online, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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