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Dual SIM smartphone: what is it and what is it for?


More and more dual SIM smartphones are available in the world and, although it might seem crazy to have two mobile lines at the same time, they can be more useful than they seem. Although some allows only one SIM for 4G LTE, while the second is only connected to 3G, many others already have dual 4G LTE support so you can navigate with the best speed in the two lines. But what is the dual SIM and how is it used?

What is dual SIM?

The uses that can be given to this feature are many. For example, students with few economic resources or professionals who need two numbers. Year after year it becomes easier to have two lines, thanks to the companies that offer service without forced contracts. Think that, for example, you can have a main line with a contract, if it is what you have always agreed, and a second line with one of the companies that offer megas, minutes and messages with small recharges. That or that you want to separate the businesses from your personal life. Something quite understandable and recommendable.

What is a smartphone with dual SIM for?

The benefits are many when using a smartphone with dual SIM. We leave you some ideas so that you get the most out of your mobile.

Economy and portability

If you are one of those people who for some reason must carry two phone numbers, such as one for your calls and personal contacts, and one for work and your customers, you can save money by buying only one smartphone. You will also have greater comfort, since you will avoid carrying two devices with you. Also, you do not need to be aware of two batteries.

Operator promotions

Now imagine using your personal number to receive and make calls and have a second SIM to connect to the internet. You can take advantage of cheaper mobile data plans from other companies or prepaid cards.

Perfect for your trips

Do you go on vacation or do you live in a foreign country? Having a dual SIM smartphone means that you will no longer need to pay for mobile data roaming. Thanks to this option on your smartphone you can continue to be available with your personal line abroad, while you have a local SIM to navigate with mobile data. A fact for those who love to ride with a backpack on their shoulders!

How to use a smartphone with dual SIM?

This step is the simplest of all: if your phone is dual SIM, open the Settings or Configuration menu and, later, look for the wireless connections and networks section. There you can corroborate that your smartphone recognizes both chips.

Now you can choose which of the two to make calls, which SIM will output the data for your internet connections or simply deactivate or activate one of the two cards.

Have you ever used a smartphone with dual SIM? Tell us your experience.