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Dropbox – Share and Sync files via the Cloud


Cloud storage is a useful solution for sharing files with friends and colleagues quickly and easily, or accessing them from any PC or mobile device worldwide. Dropbox (58.4.92) provides users with 2GB of free online storage.

Popular cloud storage

On the PC, the official Dropbox software provides convenient access to your own data in the cloud. After installation, create a new Dropbox account, or log in using your existing Dropbox username and password. You can also specify the local folder that Dropbox will use for downloaded files. Afterwards, your Dropbox account will be integrated like an ordinary folder under Windows, which you can reach via Windows Explorer, for example.

Files in the local Dropbox folder will be monitored by the software in the future and automatically uploaded to the cloud in case of changes – if there is an internet connection. Also useful is the Selective Sync feature, which allows you to select the folder to sync to the computer. For example, you can avoid downloading extra large Dropbox folders automatically.

You can also set Dropbox to automatically import photos and videos from a digital camera connected to the PC into Dropbox. Similarly, screenshots can be automatically upload to Dropbox, if desired.

You can access the settings of the tool by first clicking on the Dropbox icon in the notification area of ​​Windows and the gear icon and then selecting “Settings …”. Here you can make additional settings such as changing the startup behavior, moving the local Dropbox folder or limiting the bandwidth used.

Share files with friends

You can also right-click on a file or folder in the Dropbox directory to share the content. You can then forward the link to friends and also define a validity period.

Alternatively, you can access your files through the Web Interface of Dropbox.com or use apps for Android and iOS. As mentioned above, you have free 2 GB of storage space available. By completing a paid Pro subscription, it can be increased to 1TB. Companies even get unlimited space for a fee.

In addition to the stable version offered here, the developers also provide an experimental build , with which you can try bug fixes and new features earlier.