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How to Download Facebook Videos from on Your Smartphone


Many iPhone users do not know of a very simple trick, which helps them upload videos posted on all social sites in easy and fast steps. To download Facebook videos, just enter the iPhone user of the video that wants to download, and then pull his finger from the side of the phone to show the properties of the Control Center.

Then, in the control center, press “Video Recording” in the form of a point within a circle, and then adjust the display of the phone screen to “Horizontal” in order to capture the entire screen.

After the end of the video, the user returns to the control center and stops recording the screen, noting that the video has been saved in his “video album”.

Later, it is advisable to resort to the Video Modification feature to delete the phone’s record at the beginning and end, and retain only the video.

Download Facebook Videos from on Your Smartphone

For Android users, it’s a bit more complicated so you can do it:

On Android phones there is no option to record the screen without application, so you must rely on applications or sites to download videos from social networking sites.

For example, you can rely on y2mate.com to download videos from YouTube on your phone or clipconverter.cc to download videos from Twitter.

To download videos from the Facebook app on Android phones, go to fbdown.net.