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One of the great evils of users is to run out of battery in the middle of the day. In Android, some tricks and applications help us save battery in our smartphone. We have told you many, but one of these tricks is the one that states that a black background on our smartphone can be useful to save battery power, but how much is right this statement? To get the answer, we have to analyze the type of screen first. Most Android devices have AMOLED or LCD technology on their screens. We will explain how this affects the battery.

Effect of black background on Battery

IPS LCD screens

IPS Led screens have backlighting, something like a layer that is always on and on which the LCD system is located where the pixels determine the color. When the screen is black, it is because the pixel blocks the light, but the light is still generated by that illuminated rear panel. In a simple metaphor, it is like when we go to the beach and use an umbrella, and the sun continues to illuminate even if it does not give us directly.

Does a dark background on an IPS LCD screen save battery? Do not! As you can see, the backlight still works, so the only way to make an LCD screen consume less battery is to adjust the brightness.

AMOLED/Super AMOLED screens

These screens are, in general, more energy-efficient than LCD screens. The reason is simple. These screens have no feedback; the pixel is the one that emits its own light. In this case, when the screen is black, the pixel is off; therefore, the screen is off and is not consuming power. With an AMOLED panel, it makes sense to use a black background to save battery.

There are applications aimed at saving battery in devices with these types of screens, such as Pixel Off Battery Saver. What this app does is decrease the resolution of the screen (if the resolution of your smartphone panel is high, you will not notice the difference).

Does it mean that an AMOLED screen is better than an LCD?

Each technology has its audience. Broadly speaking, it can be said that the screens with IPS LCD technology have better viewing angles, a better representation of colors and better viewing quality in the sun. While AMOLED screens, in addition to being more energy-efficient, offer very good contrasts and their blacks are truly black.

The choice of technology from one screen or another will depend on our priorities.

And who are you from, AMOLED or IPS LCD?