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Customize WhatsApp notifications by contact or group


WhatsApp is increasingly used as an alternative for messaging and even for calls, whether audio or video. As an essential tool that is, there are therefore options to make it more complete and useful. One of the existing customizations allows to adapt the notifications to the user’s taste, for each of the different contacts and different groups. Here’s how you can do this setup. The freedom that Android gives for its configuration, allows a wide range of parameters to be defined for notifications and alerts. WhatsApp makes use of these capabilities and gives users a great ability to configure alerts and whatsapp notifications.

How to customize WhatsApp notifications

The first step in personalizing WhatsApp notifications is access to the contact or group you want to change. Inside here, and as they have so often seen, they find access to contact details or group details.

Then, from the available options, choose Custom Notifications. Already inside, and as a first step, they should enable the Customize notifications option.

From now on you can define a large set of parameters that change the way notifications are displayed, both the messages and the calls.

They can set the ringtone, the vibration and their levels, the notifications display and even the light that will be shown on the Android alert LED.

In case of group customization, call notification options are not present.

Change the notifications for your top contacts or groups and more easily perceive the senders of messages received in WhatsApp.