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Could Dedicated Servers Be the Downfall Or Future Uprise of Business?

Choosing an affordable VPN for dedicated IP also falls under the same category. Now, coming to dedicated server hosting, it always depends on the growth of your business, and how much you’re willing to pay for the extra perks.


At some point in time, most of us have a dream of starting up our business, whether a small-scale website or targeting something on higher grounds. Regardless of the fact of what kind of online business you’re about to start, you’re going to want to take the reins and opt for dedicated server hosting.

Let’s just say you’re planning on running a website that sells cakes, you may not look too much into it now, but what happens if your small cake business suddenly turns into an empire overnight? There’s a lot that goes into running a website, and sometimes the best web hosting solution is a dedicated server. You might not think it’s important, but there’s a lot of good it can do to make sure your business stands tall.

Before moving ahead, I believe that baby steps are the key to understand anything. So, first, let me explain to you what a dedicated server is.

What is a dedicated server?

Before getting into the bigger picture, let’s take an example from a smaller piece of software called a VPN. Now most of us know that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the best security tools for multiple purposes. It helps you unblock geo-restricted websites and also provides security features that give you all the online privacy you need.

Now, a VPN has many servers, and each server has uncountable IP addresses. You can choose any one of those IP addresses, but at the same time, many other users all over the world are sharing that very same IP address you’re connected to.

So, for a personalized effect, you’ll contact your VPN provider and ask them for a personal IP address only for your use. This ensures that only you will have access to it.

Choosing an affordable VPN for dedicated IP also falls under the same category. Now, coming to dedicated server hosting, it always depends on the growth of your business, and how much you’re willing to pay for the extra perks.

Web hosting – which one is the best for business?

In a similar way, and in a much broader term, when you want to run a website for your business, you’ll be given the option of choosing between shared hosting, VPS, and a dedicated server.

Shared web hosting means you’ll be sharing your computing resources like bandwidth, and storage space with many clients, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is powerful virtual rights to run your any and your own operating system, or make any installations along the way, and then you have the option of a dedicated server, which means no one but you has the ownership rights to an entire web hosting server.

Do I need a dedicated server?

Everything that is great in life usually comes with a cost and so does the case of owning a dedicated server. At some point in time, if ever your business starts to grow, it automatically means you’ll have more traffic to deal with, more responsibilities; outgrowing the basic shared hosting package you’re currently on. So, then comes the questions that most thriving online businesses ask themselves is, “How do I choose the best web server hosts? “Do I need a dedicated server for business?” Below you’ll find a couple of reasons why you’d need a dedicated server in the long haul.

  • When a website grows, more traffic is going to be generated, which also means that for a better performance rate, you’re going to need a dedicated server.
  • A dedicated server also means personal bandwidth and faster page loading time. If you use a shared server, there’s probably going to be major lag issues, and you wouldn’t be at liberty to fix it.
  • Security is another reason why you’d need a dedicated server. Handling a website is no piece of cake. In short, you’d have to keep track of hundreds of sensitive information, passwords, important emails, etc. Using a shared network can be a little tricky to maintain a secured passage.

How can a dedicated server help businesses grow?

A dedicated business can do a lot for a business to thrive into a greater one. I’m not saying that it’s the basis of everything, but having your own servers means a lot more flexibility and room to experiment. Here are some ways that dedicated servers can help business thrive:

Personal IP address

Remember the VPN example? Well, it applies here too. When using a shared server, that means you’re sharing not only the resources that come along with it but also the same IP address. If ever another spamming website utilizes the same IP address it could lash back to yours. So, for safety measures, a dedicated server would be the best choice for personalization.

Personalization access

Speaking of personalization, with a dedicated server, you’ll be able to make all the tweaks you desire and customize it according to the kind of business you run. It takes a great deal of workload off your shoulders and ensures a smooth business operation.

Data storage

As mentioned before, a bigger website means more data and traffic to handle. With a dedicated server, you’ll be able to store large amounts of data that a shared server wouldn’t be able to compromise. All you have to do is contact your web hosts asking them for a desirable upgrade.

An up-graded performance

It also helps your business website to run with a maximum increase in uptime. You’ll be equipped with a large private platform all for yourself.

The downside to dedicated servers

There’s a lot of good that can come from getting yourself sprung on the dedicate server band-wagon, but everything to some extent has a downside. Dedicated servers or hosting can be extremely costly by the monthly rate. You’d probably have to pay up to $100 or more a month depending on what services you’re looking for. Yes, that may be an onetime investment, but not all businesses kick-off to a great start, some even render smaller revenue.
Another loose end as well if you’re not an IT expert or even prepared with basic technical knowledge, you’re going to have to hire a professional to run it for you.

In conclusion

It always comes down to the final decisions. Do you want your business to thrive? Will a dedicated server be good for you? Yes, it will. But, can you handle it? Can you handle the loss of income? Whether you decide to go with a dedicated server or not, the final outcome will always be favorable, because dedicated servers really pour into the positive direction more than the negative.

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