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Connection problems with your smartphone? We have the solution


Are you disappointed with the connection of your smartphone? Following our tricks, you can improve all your connectivity: wifi, 4G, Bluetooth or GPS. Here are some tips to turn a normal mobile into a beast of connectivity.

Improve your Wi-Fi connection

The main problem with Wi-Fi connections we usually have at home because of walls or saturation of the channel used by our router. For the first thing we can try to move the router and for the second we have an application that can help us with the theme.

Wi-Fi Analyzer allows you to choose the best channel for your wireless connection. It is very useful also in your office or in public spaces, since it lets you know which network has the most stable connection.

Something that can also help is to place fixed IPs on your devices and filter access by MAC address.

Improve your Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth waves allow you to connect, among others, to a lot of accessories, such as headphones, speakers or keyboards. The problem comes when it comes to transferring files, which sometimes can be an ordeal, and often forces us to opt for a USB cable or use the cloud.

How can we improve it? To begin with, it is not advisable to go further than 10 meters, but if you are less than 5 meters away, the wave loses intensity and speed with distance. If you have problems transferring to a computer you can fix it with a Bluetooth adapter that has a more modern version of the Bluetooth standard. The transfer speed should improve a lot, especially if you have a entry-level laptop.

Improve the connection of your mobile data network

Are you sure you use the proper configuration to access the mobile data network? You can easily resolve this by calling your telephone company or by sending an email to the technical service and asking if you are using the correct APN.

Improve the shared connection (tethering)

It is what saves our lives when we are on the street, without Wi-Fi, and we do not have a mobile network but we have a good friend next to us who provides us with an Internet connection. Unfortunately, sometimes it is very slow, although there is some secret to improve your speed.

Thanks to the PdaNet + application you can configure and optimize the Wi-Fi connection that you create with your mobile network, so that other devices can take advantage of it. Although its design is little worked, it is very effective and receives regular updates.

And you, do you have any secret to improve your connectivity in any way?