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Best Tips for More Security on Your Instagram Account


Instagram has recently added a number of features and updates, including the update of the binary authentication feature, not just SMS messages or user phone numbers, due to widespread penetration of SIM cards for users’ phones.

Instagram accounts are weak because the application only provides binary authentication via SMS that provides password reset or access code, so the company has developed a more secure feature that will allow users to authenticate binary using security applications such as Google Authenticator, Duo or Authy, You create your own security codes to sign in to your account, and can not be created on a different phone when a SIM card phone penetration occurs.

By activating the 2FA binary authentication feature across your account, you’ll increase security by including an additional check step to your account, so you can make sure you’re the only person who can sign in.

The activation of the binary authentication feature is considered one of the easiest and most powerful security precautions that anyone can take to protect any kind of accounts that they own.

If you want to further secure your Instagram account by enabling dual authentication applications, you can follow these steps:

  • From your personal account, tap on the options menu that appears in the far right corner
  • Press Settings
  • Scroll down until you reach the Privacy and Security section
  • Click on the Two-Factor Authentication option
  • You will see two options: Text Message, and the Authentication Application
  • Click on the Apply Authentication Authentication App option
  • In the next screen, Instagram will either detect the authentication applications on your phone and display them for you to choose from, and if there are no authentication applications on your phone, you will be asked to download an authentication application (such as the Google Authenticator application by default or the Authy app is also a good option) For you to set up 2FA manually, you can follow any option you find suitable for you.
  • You will then be prompted to authenticate the device you are using now, but you will not have to do so every time for the trusted devices once you authenticate them.