Latest Technology News from Pakistan

Windows Cursor location/Find Cursor in Windows

Every Windows user has experienced losing their cursor and having to shake their mouse about in an effort to find it. This is especially true if you use multiple monitors or screens that lack contrast and brightness.

AIO Pump Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

he cooler's liquid circulation is handled by an AIO pump, which must run continuously. You'll notice a dramatic increase in CPU temperature if it fails to function. Before you ever reach the login screen, the heat sensors will cut the power…

ASUS Laptop From USB; How to Boot?

If you intend to install or upgrade an operating system through USB, you might need to boot your ASUS laptop from a USB. Additionally, it can be useful when the laptop lacks an optical drive or when changing the BIOS.

Ads on Google Chrome: How to Block Them

One of Chrome's numerous features is the option to disable advertisements. You should still use caution because it does not completely block all adverts like more expensive Adblock programs or software.