Android P vs iOS 12 which is better

Although Apple and Google are located about 9 miles from each other in the heart of Silicon Valley, each company has its own philosophy where Google’s Android operating system revolves around openness and the iOS circle is about to make the narrow system work Good but many services only work within Apple’s relatively narrow ecosystem.

Now that both of them have had the opportunity to discover the upcoming versions of the new operating systems where Google announced the Android P and announced Apple for iOS 12, we can look at the current advantages of the two systems side by side, but since both Apple and Google want to provide some surprises to launch Their systems on the physical phone, this evaluation will not be final in any way.

Android P vs iOS 12

Extrusion and gestures

The iPhone X was not the first phone to have a bump on the screen or the gestures of scrolling, but it was the first phone to circulate on both of these slides. Now Google has officially embraced the bump and navigation gestures of Android P, but the system does not fully support gestures. The back button makes the experience less than it is in the iPhone X.

Google Assistant vs. Seri

Siri’s iOS 12 upgrades focus on making your iPhone predict what you want before you search for it. The new app called Shortcuts lets you set up profiles that run through a step-by-step routine when you say certain keywords, and while Siri’s shortcuts work Apple devices from the Google assistant that supports the actions as does Alexa of Amazon, Apple has not done anything to close the serious gap between Google’s assistant and Seri.

Siri is late in developing the quality of the information and the way it is presented is dwarfed by Google’s assistant, but after Google’s I / O Developer Conference, Siri is barely limping, as Google has developed six new voices to help it, and Google’s assistant can handle a series of questions Or a collective order, etc. Google also works on ways to make the assistant sound enough for the person to keep a short conversation with other people while making a reservation on your behalf, which Google has offered through Google’s Duplex technology.


Apple outperforms Google through its messaging application to Google Apps compared to Google Hangouts, adding to the advantages of Apple’s recent emoji, as well as Apple’s Time.

Play in the same application enhanced reality with friends

IOS 12 has a great multi-player feature that allows you and your friends to interact in the same enhanced reality environment. Imagine playing virtual ping-pong, while Google goes even further, giving Android and iPhone users the ability to play together regardless For the operating system you are using.

Facial fingerprint

The Android version comes with a fingerprint but is not as secure as a fingerprint. Facial Face ID is Apple’s playground. The iPhone was the first phone to use the front 3-D camera and the iris lock on Samsung phones is secure but also exclusive to Samsung phones .

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

Apple Maps is practically built for step-by-step directions but Google Maps goes deeper with a layer of information you can use if you want. Google is also thinking about how to take maps to the future. Last month, Driving you around an unknown city.

Manage your smartphone addiction

Both iOS 12 and Android P add features that help you feel sleepy by removing apps that may attract your attention. Both systems have features that let you manage how much time you spend on your device.

Does Android P outperform iOS 12 or vice versa?

IOS 12 and Android P are not finished so we can not really determine which is even better so they can be shown on the phones in a final way where the program can change and Apple and Google may be surprised by more advantages than we mentioned.

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