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TechMag is basically a Technology blog that beliefs in the quality of content and quality of the audience. It’s read by thousands of readers every month and features the topics related to all aspects of life. We offer comprehensive Advertising Packages for your business. We keep the Premium Advertising on TechMag is a Google News approved and Flipboard approved tech blog that offers a better user experience, relevant for our Audience, and all the ad units are placed manually so that it won’t be filtered out by any of those ad blockers.

TechMag Audience

With the top seven countries for TechMag traffic being Pakistan, USA, UK, Turkey, India, and Germany, the bulk of TechMag audience comprises of

  • New Startup founders and employees
  • News media, Technology, and SEO experts
  • Business graduates, and prospective entrepreneurs
  • Social media geeks, developers, and tech enthusiasts

TechMag offers the latest custom ad tech solutions, enabling your brand to connect with our audience — across all platforms and screens — to promote awareness, generate leads, or meet your unique needs.

Types of Advertisements

  • Banner Ads
  • Sponsored Post
  • Product/Business Review
  • In-Article Links

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