Activate Parental Controls

Parental Controls, also known as restrictions, allow you to manage the features, applications, and content that your children can access on your iPhone or iPad, but before you can block certain content, you must first enable Restrictions through Settings.

The mechanism for creating this feature is to create a password to prevent anyone else – especially children – from running your apps or important sites while playing on your device. Once you have set up everything according to your child’s age and interests and your personal preferences you can use your iPhone or iPad without worrying about They will see or hear anything inappropriate, or buy anything that should not be purchased – including in-app purchases.

What can you restrict with Parental Controls?

The Settings feature allows you to restrict some applications, content types, ratings, device functions (such as deleting apps), privacy settings, cellular data usage, and more.

How to enable Parental Controls on iOS 11 or earlier:

1. Go to Settings > General > and then the Restrictions option
2. Click Enable Restrictions.

Parental Controls

3. Create a password for the restrictions feature, you’ll need this code to change your settings or turn restrictions off again, and it should be completely different from your lock screen password. If you forget your password, you’ll need to wipe your device data and set it up as a brand new device.

Parental Controls

How to enable parental controls Restrictions on iOS 12 devices:

In the iOS 12 operating system, Restrict access to any content is under the new Screen Time feature.

1. Go to Settings from the Home screen.
2. Press the Time Screen.
3. Click on the Run screen time Turn On Screen Time.

Parental Controls

4. Click Content and Privacy Restrictions.
5. Enter a four-digit password.
6. Reenter the password again.

Parental Controls

You can now choose the type of content to block, including in-app purchases, adult websites, site sharing, and more.