Able2Extract Professional 12 PDF Software That has it All

It’s almost impossible to avoid PDF. It is the most “shareable” document format today. Attach the PDF document to your email message and hit send knowing that the recipients will be able to open it and read it on desktop and mobile devices, regardless the operating system they are using. And you don’t have to worry that the layout or formatting will lost. Despite its shareability, PDFs are not easy to work with unless you have the right software.

Its popularity led to development and rise of all sorts of PDF tools that allow users to convert, edit, annotate, create, merge or split PDF, and so on. But using a cornucopia of tools can be frustrating and time consuming. The most efficient and productive solution would be to obtain one PDF software that allows you to perform multiple operations on your PDFs.

There is a number of PDF suites available out there. For example, Adobe Acrobat. Since you are probably familiar with Adobe’s PDF solutions, today we want to introduce you to one dependable and yet very affordable alternative PDF suite: Able2Extract Professional 12.

Although Able2Extract Professional is a very well known, established PDF conversion solution itself, it is less known that in the past couple of years it has been extended into a full-blown, feature-rich PDF suit with overwhelming number of options and capabilities.

Able2Extract Professional 12: PDF Features Overview

To make it easier for you to evaluate and understand what Able2Extract can do for you, here we list key PDF conversion features and capabilities tucked in it:

  1. Accurately convert PDF to Microsoft Office and other formats like OpenOffice, AutoCAD, Text, HTML, image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF).
  2. Create PDF from anything that can be printed.
  3. Secure PDF with passwords and control how others are viewing and using your documents. For example, allow your users to open and view documents without the ability to copy from them or print them.
  4. Custom convert from PDF to Excel: this is what makes Able2Extract unique among PDF suites. It allows hard-core Excel users like data analysts and accountants to manually control how their tabular and spreadsheet data is converted. As complicated as it sounds, this feature is actually really easy to use thanks to a custom conversion panel and its conversion preview option.
  5. Edit PDF content on the spot, no conversion necessary. Add text, shapes, images and/or remove them from PDF.
  6. Redact PDF: black out sensitive information from your documents and protect financial or contact data, for example.
  7. Edit PDF pages by inserting a blank page and populating it with content, splitting and merging PDFs, deleting unwanted pages from the document, moving pages around the document, resizing and rotating them.
  8. Annotate PDF for easy collaboration: add sticky notes, links, attachments, stamps and watermarks, or any other of 12 annotation options to your PDFs.
  9. Fill in PDF forms and save them to your computer or directly submit to data servers.
  10. Create and edit existing PDF forms with integrated PDF Form Editor. Insert or delete common form fields like text, combo boxes, check boxes, radio or push buttons, modify textual data edits, resize PDF form fields, and even more.
  11. Convert multiple PDFs at once by importing them into a friendly batch conversion interface. You can specify entire directories on your computer and Able2Extract will search it for PDFs and convert them all without your wasting time of browsing files for conversion and adding them one by one into a batch converter.
  12. Convert image and scanned PDF to editable file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and reuse them without retyping.
  13. Search through your scanned documents without extracting content into editable formats by converting to searchable PDFs. This is useful if you don’t need to reuse the content from your archives but only be able to identify specific information they contain.

Top 5 Reasons to Manage PDF with Able2Extract

Even though its comprehensive features make Able2Extract Professional 12 a desirable PDF suite, the sheer number of features is not the main reason to choose a productivity software. But, 5 reasons below set it apart and qualify it as great software for all things PDF:

  1. Conversion output is accurate.
  2. Able2Extract Professional is easy to use and dependable.
  3. It is a budget-friendly all-in-one PDF solution.
  4. Able2Extract is a cross-platform solution available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  5. Most important: it is a desktop solution which means that all conversions and operations on PDFs are performed on your desktop. You documents and data remain safe and private.

A bonus reason: Able2Extract Professional 12 is free to try for 7 days. You can download it here without any obligation to buy.

Which PDF tools do you use and why? Share in comments below!