Smartphones raise the temperature of the planet

A new study revealed that smartphones contribute to the warming of the planet.

The rise of ICT from personal computers, smartphones, and tablets to infrastructure such as data centers and communications networks is destroying the hopes of helping this technology to reduce global carbon emissions by replacing it ,” said the study, published in the journal Cleaner Production. Physical activities with virtual ones.

“The most surprising result of the study is the unequal contribution of smartphones to the overall carbon footprint of ICTs,” the Daily Mail reported. “The growth forecast for smart phone share is expected to grow from 4% in 2010 to 11% % By 2020, leading to a decline in individual contributions to computers, laptops, and other electronic devices. ”

The study concluded that “emissions from smartphones will jump from 17 to 125 megawatts of carbon dioxide equivalent.”

“The lion’s share of this disaster will not be due to the use of smart phones, but because of their production, by 85% to 95%. It also includes, in addition to manufacturing power, gold mining power and rare earth elements such as lithium, lanthanum, and other elements available today almost exclusively in China. ”

The study considered that plans to encourage users to renew their smart phones every two years to increase the size of the carbon footprint.