A New Headset Reads the Thoughts from MIT

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a computer interface AlterEgo Headset that can hear the words you say without a voice in your head, to translate into words.

The device, called AlterEgo, can identify what is going on in your brain without speaking. It is a wearable device where the head is an extension of the jaw curves and is connected to a computer system. The electrodes in the device capture the musculoskeletal signals in the jaw and face caused by thinking. Speech is undetectable and observable for the human eye. The signals are fed to the machine’s automated learning system, which uses neural networks to determine what you are trying to say. The device can answer any queries such as time, commodity prices, etc.

This is done through the sensors in the device, which picks signals from seven main areas along the neck and jaw to enable the speaker to recognize what you think and graduation in the form of words and the video is located in the last news.

“The motivation for creating this device was to create more interaction between humans and technology without effort,” said Arnf Kapoor, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who led the development team of the new system. “The more we interact with computers, the more we gain from their strengths, Help solve a problem or translate what we want without the need to search, click or write.”

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested the device on 10 people, each of whom used it for 15 minutes to answer some calculations performed by the person in silence, and reached the accuracy of the device to 92%, although not utter a word out loud!

This is an out-of-the-ordinary comparison with the devices we interact with, such as smart phones and other devices. It’s like science fiction, but the AlterEgo is now in development and is waiting for business to reach users.

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