A great redesign is coming soon to Gmail from Google

Google earlier this day sent an email to G Suite customers to let them know that there was a new version of the web version of its Gmail service on the way, and although the e-mail was supposed to be confidential, Google later confirmed that the process Redesign is coming in the way of an email service.

Although the email message to G Suite customers was a little detailed, it also revealed some of the key features that come with the update. According to Google, the web version of the service will get a new look and clean with easy access to G Suite applications such as calendar Google from within Gmail.

In addition, the Web version of the service has the smart reply feature similar to what is available within the mobile version, with the ability to postpone emails and choose when to appear in your inbox, and get support offline.

Google explains that these features will first come as part of the EAP program for G Suite customers and will also be made available to personal Gmail accounts, which are expected to be initially launched on a trial basis, as was the case last year when they redesigned the calendar service.

At the same time, the offline support feature is scheduled to arrive by June 2018, and Google previously announced that it was turning Chrome apps into non-contact mode targeting Chromebooks on Chromebooks, meaning you’ll be able to From drafting and reading some emails without an Internet connection.

According to the company’s spokesman, Google is working on some of the major updates to the Gmail service, which is still in the drafting stage, so that it needs more time to be ready, and declined to share any additional information to speak when the time to send the result.

Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail services in the world and will be the first major update the Web version has received in several years.