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8 keys about Google Stadia, Google’s streaming gaming platform


Google officially presented its platform for streaming games after months of rumors and speculation. Its name is Stadia, and allows you to play even triple A titles on any device, since Google is responsible for processing. These are some clues about its operation and its future.

The idea of ​​Stadia is not new, given that there are already companies that have tried to implement a streaming platform with more or less success in the past and present, such as Nvidia and even Sony with PlayStation Now. Microsoft also announced to be working on its own, Project xCloud , which will be ready in the future.

The fact that Google joins this trend, to create a kind of Netflix of video games , not only means that one of the largest and largest companies in the world of technology now gets fully into the world of games , but also that they have the resources, in theory, to do it.

We still do not know what the business model of Stadia will look like, whether it will be based on a subscription (which is as much as possible) or some other type of plan. For now we know the most important thing: Stadia will allow you to play games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal , among others, on a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or even a TV, using the Chrome browser or a Chromecast device . The process and loading is carried out on Google servers, and by streaming all information and data travel back and forth from the user’s device.

What internet connection is necessary? Will Google launch its own hardware dedicated to video games?

This sounds really interesting, but it brings us many questions, including the most important of all: what internet connection do I need? Is this a next generation platform or to compete with current consoles? Will Google launch its own console or hardware dedicated to the games, in addition to its new control command ? How long is Google’s bet with this platform?

Phil Harrison has answered some of these questions among several interviews, including one with our Kotaku colleagues , and these are the most important Stadia keys he has announced so far:

  • Starting with the most important thing, Harrison told Kotaku that in his tests they were able to run games with 1080p resolution and 60 fps with a connection of only 25 Mbps. “In fact, we managed to play with a slower connection, but that’s the speed minimum we suggest. ” Of course, a higher speed is required for 4K, although he believes that 30 Mbps could be enough to achieve that resolution. “If your connection is slower, we’ll give you a lower resolution.”
  • Effectively, Stadia will need a constant internet connection to access the games.
  • Yes, Google Stadia will have exclusive games in the same way that PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have theirs. For this, Google has founded its own videogame development studio, and will also fund games from other studios (although not all 2nd party games will be exclusive). On the other hand, Google will not allow adult games on the platform.
  • Google bet long-term for the world of video games, this is a before and after for them. In Kotaku they asked Harrison if this was a project that could disappear, in the same way that Google Plus and many others, to which he replied that he understands “that some are worried, but should take into account the level of investment we have made for create and develop Stadia. This is not a minimal project, this is a huge effort between several companies and several platforms, including YouTube. “
  • Stadia is not a next-generation video game platform, nor do they plan to launch their own console. However, it would not be strange that in the future they launched some new version of the Chromecast aimed at the gamer market, perhaps selling it to the control command, for example.
  • Regarding the hardware, there is a significant limitation in terms of using Stadia on the television. “To use Stadia on the Chromecast of your TV, you need the Stadia Controller control ,” Harrison told Kotaku .
  • If you want to use Stadia on your PC, you can use any USB control knob.
  • Stadia servers are based on Linux, but this is not a problem to bring the games to the platform, according to Google. Harrison told Verge that the platform is also based on the most popular game engines, with support for Unreal, Unity and more tools. In fact, Google has already sent development tools (dev kits) from Stadia to more than 100 companies and developers.

Unfortunately, the question that Harrison or anyone at Google has answered is how much Stadia will cost. To know it we will have to keep waiting.