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8 iPhone Hidden Features You Must Know


iPhone users are very popular among smartphone users around the world, but a large number of users of these phones do not know the enjoyment of a number of iPhone hidden features, which may change the way you deal with the phone completely.

8 iPhone Hidden Features You Must Know

Switch applications

iPhone 3G owners, and more, can quickly switch between apps by swiping down the screen. This can be done by swiping down the screen left or right through the Home Index, showing you a horizontal bar that lets you switch between applications very easily.

Multiple task controls

The Home Page indicator is known to take you to the main phone page, but if you slowly scroll up and leave it, it will take you to the multi-tasking display of your phone, which will allow you to preview all the apps you’ve used recently, so you can close it permanently or open it again.

Customize the control center

The Control Center or Control Center is a fast-paced place to access your phone’s features without opening an application. To open the application, you can swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen to enable or disable music, podcasts, volume control, Brightness, or cancel the connection to WiFi or Bluetooth.

Reverse bright applications

If you use the iPhone at night and see that the interface of any application is too bright, you can use the Bright Reverse Applications option from the Accessibility option, located in the Control Center icon or Control Center, and then select the Smart Contvert Colors option. All applications with bright colors are automatically reflected to suit the night’s atmosphere, intelligently.

Turn on the camera or the Finder quickly

At the bottom of the screen for the iPhone X and above, two small icons, the flashlight on the left and the camera on the right. If your phone is a lower class, you can press the fingerprint sensor for a long press. The hand lamp started to work.

Today’s screen display

To the left of the “iPhone” notification center is a hidden feature that many people do not know; “Today’s Screen”, which has small widgets called “widgets” that have useful applications that you use every day and their shortcuts. To view it, you can just scroll down from the top of the screen to view the notification shade, then drag from left to right to display Today’s screen, scroll down and click any icon to edit the tool selection.

Manage notifications

The iOS 12 operating system has a hidden feature that allows the iPhone user to manage its notifications directly from the notification center. Just swipe from left to right on any of them, and you’ll see a submenu where you can control your notifications.

Shortcuts for “Siri”

This feature needs to be downloaded from the App Store, so you can run very useful shortcuts for the Siri audio plugin, without programming, and you’ll find it under the name Siri Shortcuts.