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6 Reasons to Buy an iPhone 8 Instead of iPhone XS


Apple’s US mobile phones have not raised its customers’ enthusiasm, as it did not differ much from its former counterparts. Last week, Apple launched three phones, while media reports said the company did not make much of the features of its new releases.

The screen size of the “XS” 5.8 inches, while the screen size in the “XM Max” to 6.5 inches. Said Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing, said that “OS X” screen supports “Ooled” technology is warmer colors. The user can also use dual SIM cards, as there is a slot that allows the use of two SIM cards. “The XS has some features that will help boost the enhanced reality, which will appeal to gaming enthusiasts around the world,” said Schiller.

Here are six reasons why you will be using iPhone 8 instead of iPhone XS, Business Insider said:

1. The price: iPhone 8 will cost you only $ 600 (64 GB), less than $ 400 for “iPhone XS”, which is between $ 1000 and $ 1,350.

2. Weight: The iPhone8 is thinner and lighter than iPhone XS, which weighs 148 grams to 177.

3. Water resistance: The two phones are in water resistance and are available on the wireless charger.

4. The main button: The iPhone 8 has the XSK main button and the “fingerprint” feature to unlock your device.

5. Camera: Although the camera in the “iPhone 8” does not compete “iPhone XS”, but they are available at the same time to the specifications of a wonderful, according to “Business Insider.”

6. The same operating system: In the coming days, iPhone 8 will get the same iPhone XS operating system as iOS 12.