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5G: What would you like to know about the new network? Ask what you want!


The 2019 editions of the CES and the MWC have confirmed one thing: the arrival of 5G is imminent! The new generation of mobile data connection remains unknown to many people. Therefore, in view of the preparation of a comprehensive dossier on the subject that we will publish in a few weeks, we would like to know your questions or doubts about the 5G network, this technology that is about to change our lives, according to all the specialists.

5G may not be available at this time, but we’ve been hearing about this connectivity for some time, and ads from manufacturers, operators and the multiplication of associations between technology giants around the 5G network have appeared throughout the world.

However, if it is still mysterious and difficult for many to understand, it is mainly due to the vocabulary that surrounds it. Millimeter waves, Bean Forming, Internet of things (IoT), MIMO, descending latency, explosive data speeds … And these are just some examples of terms associated with 5G. Complicated, right?

Now, before buying a particular high-tech product, many of us wonder about the long list of available models, and in particular about their ability to evolve in the coming years. That is why it is important to know the state of the market and its evolution to avoid bad decisions.

Within two years we will see more than 20,000 million connected objects in operation on our beautiful blue planet: autonomous cars, connected sanitary objects, augmented reality glasses, robots … all sectors are affected by the deployment of 5G.

In order to help you better understand what is behind this new technology, we have decided to answer your questions. Tell us everything you would like to know about the 5G network in the comments of this article. We will try to summarize your questions and answer them in the coming weeks so that you too can become a true expert in the field.