Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G

A Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G version could be right around the corner and pave the way for tablets capable of 5G.

The South Korean company has been among the leading companies advocating for the creation of the fifth-generation cellular network, and with that said, it is not shocking to see it extending innovation beyond the smartphone to include phones.

Galaxy Tab S6 5G

As the Dutch blog Galaxy Club reports, the Galaxy Tab S6 5G turned up at database of the Wi-Fi Alliance (PDF) and Bluetooth SIG with the model number SM-T866N. It has a date of certification of Sept. 20 in the former and a publish date of Sept. 19 in the latter.

What regions it will be available in is unknown, but it’s safe to say it’s expected to hit the shelves in South Korea’s manufacturer’s home country. As evidence of this, the “N” in the model number usually means that it is a machine targeted towards the South Korean market.

Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG will authorize applications for uninitiated users before they can be made available to the public. At that, these listings are pretty much a confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G is actually real and will be launching in the near future, although there is still no news about its release date or price. The tablet’s Wi-Fi-only version begins at $649.99 for comparison, and was released back in August.

Samsung And 5G

Samsung, as mentioned earlier, is one of 5G’s biggest advocates. It has released a slew of smartphones, including the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, which support it after all.

It even has its foldable mobile, the Galaxy Fold, with a 5G version. It has also made 5G more available with the Galaxy A90, a mid-range device capable of using the network technology of the next decade.