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5 Ways to set up Employee Time & Attendance System


“Preparedness, and Punctuality are two of the most important qualities of a leader.” – John A.Widtsoe. Every company, start-up, or a commercial organization seeking employees should track their response on punctuality. Punctuality is more of a trait that a person himself, or organizations with long-term goals instill in their people. Now keeping a track of it is one of an issue. Evidently, it is not an easy task. In this article, we shall look for five (5) convenient ways that allow us to set up employee time, and attendance system.

5 Ways to set up Employee Time & Attendance System

1. Noting your Time In/ Time Out

This method is the most basic, and cheapest of all! If you have started with a bunch of people, say, 5 or 6, and you would like to keep a record of their time then keeping a register is one of the convenient ways. In many schools, even today, teachers mark their attendance by noting down their time-in(s) in a register, and whilst leaving as well. However, yes, it comes with a drawback that if any of your employee isn’t trustworthy, they might manipulate their record thus resulting in corruption. Moreover, when analyzing, the extraction of data may become difficult, and therefore time consuming.

2. Spreadsheet

Thanks to the spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or Lotus amongst many. These spreadsheet programs have finally allowed us to store, and analyze data in the best ways possible! I used to learn programming at a private institute, and the front desk officer used to mark our attendance when provided with the roll number, and name. This form of attendance marking at least makes the extraction, and analysis of data possible, convenient, quick, and productive. However, another drawback. A start-up may not hire a front-desk officer for such tasks as it would add to the operational costs especially when there’s no need of a front desk officer except of just marking the attendance.

3. Fingerprint Scanners

This form of marking clock-ins is growing in the tech savvy world. Technology has played a vital role in many businesses, and this one is just a grain of a salt. This allows your employees to clock-in just by getting their thumb/finger scanned. These form attendance machines are usually online, and connected with an online portal. You can always, and anywhere access the track, and punctuality performance of your employees.

4. Face Scanner

Another brilliant piece of technology that scans your beautiful face, and marks your attendance and the time. This works just like any fingerprint scanner, and the only difference is that it scans your face instead of fingers. Oh now don’t be shy! You can have a look at your face before anyone else sees you.

5. NFC cards

One of the amazing, and geeky, piece of technology. This kind of tech is mostly used in large organizations with a great number of employees. NFC cards (NFC: Near Field Communication) can be handy. You can use these cards to swipe against an attendance machine to mark your attendance, or use to pass through a gate that has access to a limited number of people. But, oh be aware! This technology can cost you a lot! Not recommended for small organizations, or start-ups.

So this was our guide for you to set-up employee time, and attendance system. Do you have something to share? Drop in your comments below! Peace out.