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5 tips to use WhatsApp while you work at home


With the spread of Covid-19, many companies are choosing to work remotely in the coming weeks and for this, they are using various technological tools so that the home office does not affect the productivity of their teams.

WhatsApp allows teams to quickly communicate with each other, in groups of up to 256 people, using the devices that people already have and an application that people love. There are teams that are sometimes located in different countries, however, all can connect via WhatsApp without expensive international calls and without extra charges for text messages.

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These are some of the key lessons to use the application and how to start using WhatsApp for remote work:

1. Give everyone the same phonebook:

Work with your IT team to provide complete address cards, including phone numbers with country codes, to everyone in your office. Once these contact cards are uploaded to everyone’s device, the accounts will immediately appear on WhatsApp. There is no need to develop or maintain logins.

2. Use WhatsApp Web or Desktop:

Encourage your employees to download WhatsApp Desktop or use WhatsApp Web to send messages from their computers. Like the mobile version, it is free to download and use.

3. Separate announcements from the discussion:

To keep collaborators informed of key company-wide news and updates, have an administrator create an “announce-only” group for your company. With this type of group, administrators can provide useful information for everyone. Use a second group for the discussion.

4. Use groups for small teams:

Groups on WhatsApp are a useful way to share ideas, get immediate updates and comments, collaborate on a project and answer questions in real-time. Message responses make it easy for you to locate a previous message that might have gotten lost while you were in a meeting or doing something.

5. Try to make the group or video calls for meetings:

Are you used to that fast synchronization with your team that you have in a boardroom? Do you need an immediate response from the main stakeholders? Do you want to contact someone from an international office? A WhatsApp group voice call, with up to four participants, can solve your problem in no time. For individual meetings, video calls on WhatsApp are ideal to bring the conference room to your home.

All chats on WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that only you and the recipient can see what is being sent, neither WhatsApp nor anyone else. That makes it a safe place to share confidential documents that would be destroyed by the shredder once read in the office.

As traditional working conditions are interrupted by contingencies or displaced by innovative schemes, this intuitive tool allows employees to communicate in their work as in their daily lives, and bring a sense of normality to this unique and historical situation.