5 Tips And Tricks About Google Translate You Should Know

If your summer travel plans will take you to remote areas, there are two essential types for your first trip. Your passport and the second one is the application of Google translation. Here are 5 ways to make the most of Google translation.

Offline translation

If you have downloaded a language pack, these language packs now come with NMT translation, which improves translation efforts In the application.

NMT translates complete sentences, rather than parts of the sentence only, while also looking at the wider context for more accurate results. Before this change you only had NMT when the application was connected to the Internet, leaving unrelated translations depending on the basic tools, Language by going to the list of languages ​​and clicking the download button next to the language pack you want, and the size of each language ranges from 35 MB to 45 MB, so there will not be much space on your phone.

Highlight the text

When you use your phone camera to translate street, menu, or other foreign characters that you encounter, Google Translate is like magic because it displays instant translations directly on your phone screen if you have downloaded the language pack.

You can select a portion of the text on your phone screen for a thorough scan. To do so, click the camera button and your phone will start scanning the animation. While doing so, drag your finger to highlight the text and click the blue arrow button on the top right of the translated text. Put the camera back on the main screen with your translated text.

Conversation mode

Using the microphone for translations is quick and easy, and you can also use the app to help translate conversations between you and a foreign speaker. When you’re in microphone mode, the default setting is to listen to one language and get the translation. If you click the red microphone button, In chat mode where he will listen to both languages ​​and provide translations while you and your foreign friend get to know each other.

Save words and phrases

If you find yourself repeatedly searching for translations for certain words and phrases, you can save them for easy access. Simply click the star button next to the translation result and add it to the saved list. To see your saved entries, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Use the application as a bug

Set the app to English to English or any language you speak, and the app will display dictionary definitions instead of translations, making Google Translate a great pocket dictionary and synonym dictionary.