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5 Things to Know Before Waxing and Polishing Your Car


Our cars face a lot of abuse out on the roads. From the swirling dust and scorching heat to muddy ditches and dirty water puddles, there are a number of pollutants on the road that make our cars look older and more damaged than they actually are. Luckily, there is a way you can restore your car’s showroom looks and protect its exterior from being damaged or fading.

Maintaining the paint on the car surface is, in fact, a more delicate matter than most car owners realize, or seem to care about. Perhaps that is why the terms “Car wax” and “Car polish” are used interchangeably so casually when they are in fact two completely separate processes with two very different outcomes. Understanding the difference between them is the first step to achieving the ideal care for your car’s exterior and returning it to its glory days.

So let us take a look at the five essential pieces of information you need to have before you set out to wax and polish your car.

Five Essentials to Remember for Successful Car Cleaning

  1. Polishing and Waxing are NOT the same: Understanding the difference between these processes is the first step to executing them in the right manner. Even though most people use car wax and car polish as synonyms, they are nothing alike. Polishing refers essentially to cleaning the car in great detail and includes removing scratches, stains, and road gunk that could not be removed by a simple wash. Waxing, on the other hand, is the next step after polishing and involves giving the car a nice shine as well as a protective Polish does not shine the car, but only cleans it whereas waxing shines and protects the car as well.
  2. Use the Right Amount of Polish or Wax: When it comes to waxing and polishing your car, more is not always better. The paint on the car is delicate and using more than the necessary amount can leave swirl marks and chip the paint away to expose the undercoat. The key is to use just the right amount of polish and wax, whether you use them in cream, spray, or liquid form. Try distributing the wax and polish evenly on the surface of the cloth so that you get an equal shine as you apply them. Often, rip-offs of authentic car polish and waxes can cause more harm than good to your car paint that is why it is necessary to purchase your car’s polish and waxes from genuine and trusted retailers such. Especially in Pakistan, it is hard to access authentic products since there are such a large number of fake retailers, however, online car accessories stores such as pk allow you to purchase car polish & wax online in Pakistan at the best prices so that you may achieve a spotless exterior for your car.
  3. Wash the Car Before Polishing: You need to wash the car with water and soap and then clean it with a dry cloth before you begin to polish it. Remember, polish removes the pesky and stubborn marks on the car surface so be sure the dirt and debris are already gone when you get to polishing. For this purpose, try using microfiber cloths that are specifically designed for cleaning cars since they are more effective in removing dirt and dust from the surface. Using soaps such as Meguiar’s Gold Class is also advisable since regular dishwashing soap damages the paint and accelerates the oxidative process.
  4. Remove All Scratches and Stains Before Waxing: The waxing compound seals the paint. That is its primary function because it serves to protect the paint from the pollutants on the road and the UV rays of the sun. The waxy protective layer also gives the car a shiny luster but this also means that if you fail to remove any scratch or stain before you apply the wax, then the mark gets sealed in. It remains on the car surface under the protective layer and makes the car exterior look dull.
  5. Know When to Wax: The recommended time duration you should wait before waxing again is three months. It also depends on what condition the car paint is in when you get around to polishing your car. If you can still see the shimmer of the last time you shined your car with wax then you could forgo waxing but if the car paint looks dull, then brightening it up with wax is a good idea. It all comes down to the usage and environment of the car.

These were just some of the basic pieces of information you need to have if you want to achieve proper waxing and polishing of your car. Keep these tips in mind the next time you start to wax and polish your car.