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Job consumes at least 8 hours of your daily life. You put your best effort, and then you go home waiting for a good dinner and a good rest. Where is the rest of your life? What do you do in your free time? Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, and if you add other responsibilities such as family, you end up feeling that you do not have free time that qualifies as a time for yourself. But let us tell you that it is possible to have a hobby, make extra money with it and still enjoy your time.

Hobbies benefit you in many ways

An after-work routine should add value to your life, rather than being a way to get away from it. Escapism can be an art and an adventure if you get hooked with a new hobby, and earning some money with it doesn’t hurt. A survey found that professionals mentioned their hobbies as one of the 3 things that make them happier outside of work when you don’t release stress effectively, the risks of high blood pressure, low brain activity, and cancer increase.

In addition, hobbies add skills to your CV and help you increase the chances of having a new job and/or maintaining the one you already have. And, if you get involved in a group hobby, you will have the opportunity to meet people and expand your network of acquaintances. You need 66 days to establish a new habit, and during this time you will benefit your health, enjoy time for yourself, and develop your professional potential. Try these 5 hobbies that help to make extra money and enrich your life.

1. Art

Is your creativity blocked or fully awake? When was the last time you made a drawing or that you let your pen wander through a blank page? It is literally therapeutic because your acceleration decreases the moment you start drawing. Making art builds your self-esteem, reduces stress, and allows you to work with your emotions, as well as to inspire others.

People sell art in many ways. Search your city for organizations and associations that promote art and join to learn more about this world and have access to art exhibitions. Take your proposals. Offer to make paintings or illustrations for a reasonable price, including taxes, material costs, and the value of your time.

If you’ve ever leafed through an adult coloring book and told yourself “I could do something like that,” do it!

2. Blogging

Being a blogger is like being an artist. You do it for the passion of sharing what you know, and as a way to express yourself because it will not give you money overnight, it may even never give it to you.

What are you passionate about? You can write about anything, but it has to be a specific topic and something that reflects who you are. For example, your niche may be related to the way gardening helps you relax or deal with anxiety. Your articles must be consistent in length and time. Post regularly, the same day of the week (the same days) to build the confidence of your audience.

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You probably don’t see weight coming to you at the beginning, even months or years may pass. The secret to monetizing your blog well depends on many factors, and the search results give you tons of diverse information. You can sell private ads or monetize by click or by ads in which you pay for the number of impressions.

Most start with affiliate marketing. Many bloggers include affiliate links in a natural, ethical, and relevant way within their articles. They earn a percentage of the sales made from those clicks, but the percentages vary. Amazon has an affiliate program, but you can also partner with medium-sized businesses that have affiliate programs, especially if you value the mission of a certain business. This injects authenticity and transparency to your content.

3. Collect coins

Many people imagine a grandfather as the stereotype of a person who collects coins, but this hobby is for anyone and you can get much more than a pretty coin.

The first rule for collecting coins is that not because a coin is old means it is valuable. There are six factors that determine the value of a currency: its authenticity, whether it is altered or clean, the year, condition, grade, and quality. eBay, Coin Auctions and other similar sites help you judge the value range, but ideally, ask for help from an experienced collector. To have real experience, you must have at least 10 years in the business.

Keep your coins archived and displayed securely. If you want to sell them, you can do an auction.

4. Restoration

Have you forced yourself to pass up a super offer at an antique store? Have you regretted having seen an abandoned piece of furniture (with the potential to be restored) and left it?

Let yourself be seduced by your instincts to restore because you are going to have fun. Polish your creative skills and put them to produce for people who will appreciate your work paying for what it is. A closet can become a bookcase. You rescue a worn-out relic thanks to the power of a good reupholstering.

Do not let objects accumulate in your home, but start with a piece and see if someone from your family or from your group of friends falls in love with your creation.

5. Tutorials

Do you love teaching, but you don’t have the title to do it? You can still share your skills and knowledge through volunteering in schools or by giving private lessons at home or on the Internet. In which you specialize?

Once you have the experience, for a reasonable price and promote your classes in local schools and coffee shops, many tutors find websites to offer their services to a company or build their own website.

You can enrich your life and your pocket with a hobby. Wake up old interests and create something new. Share your passions and talents, and others will notice.