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4 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Marketing Strategies


Artificial intelligence helps make marketing strategies smarter, more relevant and more consumer-friendly. Therefore, in the coming period, artificial intelligence is expected to turn from “desirable” to “necessary” to enhance market presence and competition.

Many companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence technologies to improve consumer experience. According to Gartner, analysts predict that by 2020, artificial intelligence technologies will be deployed in every new product and software service. Preliminary research estimates suggest that business revenues On artificial intelligence will reach $ 2.9 trillion by 2022. Of course, the marketing sector will not be an exception.

Artificial intelligence is an essential tool to help ensure that the different types of data collected from different digital sales points are understandable and logical in context – whether they are ordered or not – to quickly generate business insights and provide customized customer service , And streamline your marketing efforts, so you have the advantage of making you outperform your competitors.

Here are 4 ways artificial intelligence can help you improve marketing strategies and return on investment. RIO:

1. Deepening consumer understanding

Analyzing client segments is one of the most fundamental aspects that can benefit from artificial intelligence to make better use of your marketing campaigns. Automated data analysis automation tools can help you reach easily interested consumers.

Artificial intelligence and marketing techniques provide detailed information about the consumer by processing huge amounts of data and extracting accurate insights into predicting customer behavior patterns.

You can easily divide customers; to accurately define what you want, what platforms they use, and what they prefer. A study by Salesforce revealed that 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their expectations.

With instantaneous data availability, identifying what motivates the audience towards your brand requires only one click, and then your marketing efforts can focus on identifying your messages with more accurate predictions of what customers really want.

One advantage of using artificial intelligence is that it can detect and analyze the patterns of customer browsing for your website, using a large number of transactions stored in the cloud cloud, where artificial intelligence can make very accurate offers to each customer based on their interests and preferences.

2. Improved content creation

Today’s consumers expect personal experiences with relevant content only. Artificial intelligence technologies have the ability to help you achieve this, and also with high efficiency. In a survey of marketing appropriations conducted by Evergage, 61% of marketers who used artificial intelligence in marketing to provide personal experiences on the web reported that they found improved customer experiences and 63% said they reached higher conversion rates.

Artificial intelligence tools can automate the creation of personalized content on an instantaneous basis, and this is simply something people can not do. The insights from search data allow professional marketers to focus on the most important ways to engage their target audience – e-mail messages, Articles on blogs, web content, and social networking accounts, because smart algorithms can analyze important data about users to help produce content and customized offerings.

A survey by Demand Metric showed marketers that personalized content is 80% more effective than non-customized content.

3. Providing more efficient customer service

Chatbots, which are used as a new communication channel between brands and consumers, have recently emerged , helping to improve customer experience with instant support.

These techniques can access a lot of data, analyze customer location requests, and are therefore virtual assistants that provide an opportunity to build stronger relationships with your audience.

These techniques also simplify problem identification, repetitive patterns, and predict causes of user problems, and do so around the clock, helping to save time and resources so that they can be used better elsewhere.

If you’re already using interactive chat robots in your activity, you might consider extending your client’s chat options to beyond service interactions. AI Chatbots, which can communicate with an infinite number of customers at the same time, unlike humans, can also be used to interact and start communicating, regardless of whether they are installed on a site or application.

They can also be used to provide customer tips, engage site visitors in surveys directly, and make content-related recommendations; this helps provide an excellent platform to communicate on a “personal” level with each customer, thus increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Improving ad performance

Account-based marketing solutions can create smarter ads, but artificial intelligence can boost ad performance exponentially by using potential customer targeting data: demographics, purchasing behavior, goals, interests, and searches , And other data, helping to provide deep analyzes that were difficult to obtain beforehand.

Have been surprised at the impact of artificial intelligence on the performance of marketing campaigns, for example: Harley Davidson motorcycle used one of the marketing platforms, which rely on artificial intelligence; to attract potential customers every day, has helped the company to improve the rate of acquisition of potential customers by 2,930%, over only three months from the beginning of implementation, with increased profitability.

Their automated data analysis revealed that ads with the word “call” such as: “Do not miss out on a pre-owned Harley bike at a great price .. Contact Now” has performed better than 447% of ads with the word ” Buy “such as” Buy a pre-owned Harley bike from our store now, “where the artificial intelligence platform replaced the word” buy “with the word” contact “in all their ads, and achieved impressive results.

The benefits of artificial intelligence in advertising do not stop there, as artificial intelligence techniques can reach advertising channels that your competitors do not use to exploit them.

Now marketers have the opportunity to understand customers, and deal with them on an individual basis beyond mere demographics, a degree of customization that was previously unimaginable.