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Successful Startup: 3 principles for you to succeed with yours


In order for your new business to stand out and surprise your customers, you must follow the golden rule: give everything of yourself in your successful startup and life.

There is a golden rule for entrepreneurs that will take you further and faster than anything else. It is gaining more and more popularity as our culture begins to speak more openly about the importance of value, honesty, and transparency. What is the golden rule?

It always gives more.

If you give every project, meeting or opportunity to all of you, you will surely succeed. Here are three areas where doing this will help guide your successful startup and live according to the golden rule.

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1. Time

Never deliver your projects late. In fact, if you don’t have everything ready at least one day before, you already delivered it late. A very valuable thing, invaluable in fact, is the time of other people. Do not waste it. If you promise a client to deliver something on a certain date, there will be no excuses for them to get to work without the project in your hands.

Another thing to remember is the time of people at meetings. Reach up to 10 or 15 minutes before everything. Even your personal appointments. Do not make others wait and you will see how they thank you.

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2. Creativity

There is much lack of creativity in this world. As an entrepreneur, it is your duty to surprise your customers, users, and consumers through innovation. If people find your product or service and are not surprised, you need to return to the board with your team and continue working.

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3. Ideas

If you can be the source of creativity and ideas and share them with the world, you will always have work and success.

You cannot approach your successful startup with the “what do I earn?” Mentality. You should do it thinking about what you can do for your customers and employees. When you are an idea machine with creative and incredible solutions and share them with others without any commitment, you will realize that there are millions of invisible threads that connect you to the good things in life. You may not always see them first, but they are there and will tie you to new opportunities to give more.