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3 Free Tools Using Artificial Intelligence to Edit Images Online


If you need to make some adjustments to your photos for social media or to use them in a design, such as removing the background of an image you know it’s a tedious process and it takes a lot of time even using a design program like Photoshop, but now there are a lot of tools Free images that use artificial intelligence algorithms.

Here are three free online tools that use artificial intelligence to edit images:

1. Remove.bg tool

Remove.bg is the only website that uses artificial intelligence to remove background images, just upload any image from your device or enter its own link – if it is saved to the cloud storage service you are working on – the site will automatically identify anyone in it and Removes the background, and then lets you download the image in PNG format with a transparent background in just 5 seconds.

This is the latest example of how to turn automated learning techniques into simple tools that a user can take advantage of. If you remove the background image, there are already several open source algorithms that can handle this particular task. Remove.bg simply converts them to a free online tool.

2. Deepart.io tool

Deepart.io is an algorithm that simulates the patterns of some of the greatest painters of history into images, developed by researchers in Germany.

Deepart.io uses artificial intelligence to transform your images into beautiful pieces using stylistic elements where you copy an image or painting style to any image you choose. All you have to do is upload an image and choose the preferred style you want to apply to the image to get A unique artistic portrait using the style of famous artists such as Picasso or Van Gogh.

How it works:

  • Download Image Upload photo: determine the first picture scene you’d like to draw
    Choose the style Choose: Choose from predefined styles or upload a picture of your own style that you want to apply to the image
  • Register Submit: will require this step you enter your e – mail address, as soon as you finish you’ll get a message

With this tool, you can also create short, high-definition videos (720p) up to five minutes, but this feature is not free but will require you to sign up.

This tool was developed by five researchers from the Baythag laboratory at the University of Tübingen (Germany), the Chilean laboratory at the School of Applied Arts in Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium).

3. LetsEnhance.io

It is impossible to dramatically increase the size of images without losing quality, but now with the Let’s Enhance tool you can enlarge the image size 4 times while maintaining high quality using artificial intelligence algorithms.

What is the maximum image size?

For free use of the tool the maximum image size is set to 15 MB and the maximum image resolution is 15 megapixels.

Users who subscribe to the site have no limit to the size of the images being uploaded but the maximum image resolution is 30 megapixels.

Let’s Enhance uses a super-precision technique called Image Super Resolution, which relies on neural networks known as Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Before the advent of this technology was impossible to increase the size of the image dramatically without loss of quality, and was the best option available to you in the program Alfotoshob called Bicubic Interpolation – but makes the images that have been enlarged size is not clear where they lose part of its quality.

In Let’s Enhance, the neural network and artificial intelligence algorithms are trained on a wide range of images, so they learn the typical features of physical objects – brick walls, hair and skin – after the network realizes these features on the uploaded images and adds additional details based on their knowledge. The world public produces you images that have been enlarged 4 times without any loss in quality.