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2020 iPhone 12: 5G, new design, new screen, and all the news


The iPhone 12, as the next Apple phone is known for this 2020, will be launched in the fall, but details about the design, news, changes regarding the iPhone 11 Pro, and what we can expect in terms of hardware, are already leaking from various sources.

Thus, the iPhone of 2020 is expected to have, among other changes, the first design renewal on an Apple phone since 2017, when the iPhone X came out. However, there will also be changed in the interim, with the possible compatibility with 5G networks. Also, on the outside, the iPhone is expected to offer new materials and new screen dimensions.

iPhone 2020: Design and size

Taking into account that Apple will not make major changes to the design of the iPhone 11 this year, it is easy to think that the changes will arrive in 2020 and rumors support that idea.

The 2020 iPhone would not only change its design, but it would also be modified in size. The Kuo analyst says that the iPhone XS would be replaced by a 5.4-inch model, while the iPhone XS Max would be replaced by a 6.7-inch model. Other rumors point to a third model – which could be a successor to the XR – with a 6.06-inch screen.

iPhone 2020: 5G, 5G, and more 5G

Manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei are getting ahead and are launching phones with 5G connectivity. For Apple, that’s little or nothing interesting and in no hurry. The iPhone 11 of 2019 will not have 5G and it is that Apple prefers that the technology settles and matures before launching a phone with a network that is little available in the world. Therefore, the firm would launch the first iPhone with 5G until 2020, according to multiple reports.

iPhone 2020 with ‘notch’ drop

Another of the big changes is that the tongue, eyebrow or notch could be almost eliminated, considering the large size of the iPhone X, XS and XR. Rumors suggest that the eyebrow on the 2020 iPhone would be the drop type, one that Android manufacturers have already used since 2018.

The drop-type notch will be synonymous with Apple has been able to place all TrueDepth components on a single lens that would occupy less bevel space, allowing the tongue to be as small as possible. However, for those who hate the eyebrow, they will have to accept that he would still be here for a good while.

The iPhone 2020 would have an iPad Pro-style screen

The size will not be the only thing modified on the screen of the iPhone 2020. According to reports, Apple will take the ProMotion technology of the iPad Pro – which updates the screen faster to display content in better quality – and will take it to the iPhone. The update speed on the iPad Pro is 120Hz.

To Apple’s bad luck, his iPhone would not be the first phone with a quick frame update. A couple of gaming phones already offer this and Pixel 4 would do something similar, a phone that may be announced in October of this year.