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10 tips to create microsites that sell more


The following text is an excerpt from the book The Direct Mail Revolution: How to Create Profitable Direct Mail Campaigns in a Digital World, by Robert W. Bly. Ask for it to Mexico through Amazon.

Here are ten suggestions to improve the content of your microsite so that you can increase conversion rates:

1. Build your credibility from before

People have always distrusted advertising , and with the proliferation of spam and dishonest operators, they are even more skeptical of what they read online. So the copy of your microsite must immediately get rid of that skepticism.

One way to do this is to make sure that a couple of trusted generators appear on the first screen that is displayed. In the start banner, use the achievement of your company and the full name. Immediately after, put a strong testimony, or even include three testimonials above your first title. Consider adding a space that summarizes the mission of your company or your credentials.

2. Get the email from those who did not buy

There are several ways to get the email from the users who came to your page, but they did not finish the purchase. One way is to use a window that offers a free product or a digital course in exchange for your mail. This window can appear as a pop-up (that comes out to the user when you arrive at your page) or as pop-under (a window that appears when the user is going to close the page without having bought anything).

The problem with these windows is that if the user has installed the function to block them, they will not see them. The solution is to use a floater , a window that slides on the screen. This banner is part of the HTML code of your page, so it can not be blocked.

3. Use a lot of testimonials

Testimonials and reviews help build credibility and eliminate skepticism. If you invite your customers to a live event, ask them to consider giving you a video review. Get a professional to record it, and have them sign a written authorization to use your image, and then add it to your website.

For written testimonials, your clients may ask you to write the reviews and show them to authorize them. Ask them kindly if they can give you their opinion about your product using their own words, because what they write will be much more specific, credible and detailed than what you could write.

4. Use all the bullets that you can

Highlight the most important features and benefits in a short and easy to read list, using bullets to present it in a more attractive way. I usually use a format in which the feature first appears and then a benefit comes. For example: “Fast release adhesive system – your graphics stay clean and do not pile up”.

Digital buyers want to believe that they are getting a lot of things in exchange for their money, so when you sell a product directly from your landing page , be sure to display several features and the most important benefits in an easy-to-read list. When you want to generate leads by giving away blank papers (to be displayed after obtaining the lead), use bullets to describe the content of the article or course and the benefits that can be obtained with that information.

5. Arouse curiosity with the title of your page

The title or headline of the page should arouse curiosity, or make a very powerful promise, or capture the user’s attention so that they have no choice but to keep reading. For example, the headline of a microsite that sells a training program to become a real estate agent can make a big promise: “Become a real estate agent and earn 1 million pesos a year with the course that only the connoisseurs have taken. ”

6. Use a style of texts that incite conversion

Most corporate websites are flat and emotionless, offering only “information”. But a microsite is a letter from a human being to another human being, make it read that way. Even if your product is highly technical and you are selling it to engineers, remember that they are still human and you can not sell anything if you get bored.

7. Add an emotional hook in the first paragraph and in the header

Logical sales work, yes, but if you get into the emotions of the buyer, the possibility of buying is even greater, especially if you talk empathetically (and correctly) about the feelings that people have towards your product or the way the one that will solve your problems.

8. Solve the reader’s problem

Once you have hooked the reader with an emotional copy that dramatizes your problem, or with an irresistible offer, show them the way in which your product or your free information can help them solve that problem. For example: “Now there is a better option to solve the problem of wobbly tables that can annoy customers and ruin their experience in restaurants: table shox, the smallest balancer in the industry.”

9. Make your page up to date

If your texts are related to current events and conjuncture, the conversion rates you get will be even greater. This is especially true when you sell financial and / or investment information, or products that change constantly. Periodically update your microsite to reflect current news and trends, because this will show that your business is always aware of what is happening in the industry.

10. Highlight the return policy

If you are going to allow your users to order your products directly from that landing page, make sure that the money return policy appears clearly on that same page. Most likely, your competition offers very strong guarantees, so you must do the same. If your product is good and your texts are accurate, then the return cups can be extremely low. If what you are looking for are leads, highlight that your offer (either on paper or in product) is free. Specifies that they are not obligated to buy and that they will not be bothered by any vendor.