Your Data on Facebook is Not Yours

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has renewed the policies it uses when collecting data from the 2 billion people who use the platform every month as part of the new policy released on April 19, and is also clarifying how to collect and use that information more clearly.

The new policy comes in more than 4,200 words, and the language is supposed to be easy to understand, but there are still a lot of words and terms to stand by. However, each detail helps us better understand how the company converts our data into customized recommendations, .

The changes come at a time when the world is watching closely what Facebook is doing. Last month, millions of Facebook user data were leaked to Cambridge Analytics , prompting lawmakers to call CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Washington for two days to question why Facebook failed. In the protection of up to 87 million users appropriately.

Where does Facebook get your information?

It’s good to know just how much information Facebook has about you. For example, the site contains a list of what you believe to be your political views, sports interests, and much more.

This information is a mix of photos, videos, and ideas you post on your profile, and the site also collects data from your interactions with friends, as well as the pages and posts you like.

In addition, the company collects 7 different types of information you need from your phone, computer or tablet, including data about the version of the software you are using, how low battery power and how much storage is left on your device. Information about devices connected to the same network as you.

This type of information is often used for something that fingerprint experts say is how websites identify you based on all the data that can be collected from your device. Linking this footprint to your Facebook account may be a powerful tool, allowing companies and advertisers to easily access you via Internet.

Facebook is free .. But how do you collect money from you?

The updated policy includes one of the most frequent refusals on Facebook. “We do not sell any of your information to anyone, and we will never do it.”

So how could he earn more than $ 40 billion in 2017? A large part of the money earned by the site is by selling access to you.

In fact, Facebook is the intermediary that connects your advertisers, based on the amazing level of excellence it contains about your site, your personal contacts, and everything related to you.

How long does Facebook keep your data?

This depends on whether you delete the account, then Facebook will delete your posts, including images and status updates, but this does not include data obtained from sources other than you, so everything Facebook knows about you from your friends, data brokers and other sites is done Keep it as long as the social network wants it.

Can you change anything?

You can adjust your settings to change how your profile can be public, how much to share with third-party apps, and other settings, but when it comes to data policy, you do not have many options.