When to Clear the Applications Cache in Android

Each smartphone has a system of Android applications manager, and you can access it through the settings menu, and usually at the top level somewhere, and although it can be slightly different across each phone, but as soon as access to the applications manager, you are at the heart Thread, and here you can see every app installed on your phone or tablet, a handy place to clean things up a bit.

Clear application cache in Android

Applications start storing files while you use them to create a reference later. These files are stored in the application’s cache. For example, when you use the Arab News Technical Portal application , images and other things from the stories you read will be saved So it is not downloaded every time it needs an application that saves you time and data.

But you may want to clear the cached application data, either to restore some of the space used or to try to fix an app that is working incorrectly, just click on the app, and then click the “Clear cache” button, often fixing things, especially when An application pulls out its content from a Web site that always changes and adds more content.

Clear application data or reset application

Scan your application data a little more hard, you clear the cache, but also clear all settings that correspond to this application, where you will start from scratch, will behave as you did the first time you installed it, and if you delete the application data, Example Facebook application, you will need to log in again, and if you delete data about the game you are running, you will return at the beginning, as if you have never played it.

When to allow cache or data

When should I manually clear the application cache? Opportunities you’ll never need, but if the app starts to slow down or start working incorrectly, this is when you should start clearing your cache.

If an application has already started to crash, or if you just want to start it from scratch, you can go to all data and clear it and start from scratch, just click the “Clear Data” button and you’ll get a warning asking if that’s what you want to do Actually, make sure, and reset the application to zero.