ICQ messages with iOS 11.4 Update

Things have changed for Apple users with the iOS 11.4 update that came to users and features the ICQ messaging feature. Here’s what you need to do to enable ICQ messages as well as a summary of some of their features.

Enabling ICQ messages is a simple process that takes a few seconds on each device. For iOS devices, open the settings, click on your name, then choose the keyboard. Then, pass the key next to the messages to the playback mode. Repeat this process on each device you want to keep. Sync.

In the Mac system, open the Messaging app and go to Messages and Preferences then select the ICD account and check the box labeled Enable Messages again. Repeat this process on each Apple device you want to sync messages with. Initial synchronization of the messaging application may take some time. The first synchronization finishes will see an improved time for synchronization and reliability.

Please note that this post was published prior to MacOS 10.14, and if you change the process once it is made available, we will make sure to update this post.

Keep using the messaging app as you normally would, and the most important difference when it comes to deleting message threads or setting up a new device is not managing your conversation list on multiple devices.

When you remove a theme from your iPhone, it will also be removed from the same conversation from each of your messages in the devices on the ICQ almost immediately. When it comes to creating a new device, and connecting it to an account on your icodod, you’ll see all conversations synchronized in a few minutes, And previously you would start without any conversations in the messaging application. In addition, storing messages in your icodode account no longer occupies storage space on your phone or computer, which is a useful feature.