What information does Apple know about you and how do you get it

The new privacy guidelines and control over the new data in Europe will eventually come into effect and not surprisingly Apple’s vision makes some updates to its privacy policies, and some of these updates help Apple meet the specific GDRP requirements, including the exciting ability to access all the data that It is likely that Apple will be delayed in some areas due to logistical reasons, so access to all of your data will be limited by region and may take some time even in the United States.

How to download your Apple data


Apple has provided a website to see all aggregated data for its accounts. Your first step is to visit the web page where you can visit here. You’ll see a web form to sign in with your Apple ID and password, and there’s also a blue link if you forget your Apple ID or password, You have to change them.

Confirmation code

If you enable dual authentication, then you’ll need to take an extra security step, and the iPad will give you the confirmation code you need to enter on your website to access your account data, making sure it’s correct as you type it.

Apple Services

You will now see a screen with a list of all the company services associated with your account under the title Get a copy of your data, including services such as Apple Store, iTunes, Apple and its online store, AppleCare and various aspects of ICDOD and much more. More specific sections.

To the right, you’ll see checkboxes that specify everything you want to define each separate service, with an option to select all of them. Select all the services from which you want to receive data, then select Continue , and it may be useful to browse a bit at this point before moving on. Note All services that the company has connected to your account.

Please note that this is where you may face a regional problem, in which case no services will appear, and if a privacy website is particularly busy, you may also receive an error message here, in which case you should try to sign in again within a few minutes.

Data connection

The company will now take you to a page to summarize the applications and services you request data from, and you will be asked to choose the maximum file size. The company will also split all your data into packets and send them respectively, and you should choose a size that fits your computer’s speed and storage capacity. Increase the size of the display If you have a lot of Apple services, or you will get a huge file may be difficult to download and transfer, and when you finish choose to complete the application.


As you can imagine, the company sees a lot of requests for data, and you may have to wait several days or more so that the company can process your request and send your data to your email, and it is currently possible to wait up to a week or more, On your data within a day or two, and when you receive your data files remember that Apple also provides you with an option to correct your personal information or delete your account based on what you find.


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