Ways to fix battery depletion problems of smartphones

Many smartphone users have battery depletion problems. When you get a new smartphone, it looks great for a while and then you get a battery that does not help you with your everyday phone use. All smartphones are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are less energy-efficient as they age.

IPhone phones are the most smart phones that have had battery problems because of the recent crisis when Apple announced it slowed down the old iPhone but promised affected users to change old batteries to new ones at a reduced price earlier this year.

Apple’s recent slowdown in iPhone has caused great confusion among users. Apple has announced that this is because the operating system slows old phones to fix problems with obsolete lithium-ion batteries. When the battery is outdated, you can not keep the charger properly and you can close The phone automatically if placed under extreme pressure, so the operating system prevents this by slowing the performance of the phone.

After many customer complaints Apple has released an update to the operating system iOS lets you specify whether you want the old iPhone processor uses less power or not, and you can find this new option under Settings Battery Battery Battery Health Health.

When you open the new Battery Health feature , your phone checks for battery power and tells you if it’s less than 100%, and also tells you what Peak Performance Capability is.

If your phone is experiencing an unexpected shutdown, the Performance Manager feature will be turned on, slowing the processor speed to extend the battery life. If this happens you will receive a message saying: “This iPhone has an unexpected shutdown because the battery could not provide the necessary power. Performance Manager has been implemented to help prevent this from occurring again “followed by a link to disable it if you want to do so.

However, the Performance Management feature is activated only after the first sudden stop of the device because of the battery that has been unable to provide maximum power. This feature is available for iPhone 6 and later versions of the other iPhone.

“The battery should be replaced when the maximum capacity drops below 80 percent,” says Apple. You can get a new battery for iPhone 6 or later from the Apple store for just $ 29 until the end of 2018. Once the battery is replaced you’ll be back to work like new. ”

Test your battery yourself:

If the battery is good, what should you do to prolong its life and operation? It is known that the battery consumes most of its power when the phone is in use mode when you are running some applications on the phone while the battery is running out of power when the phone is in standby mode, as there are no applications on, but an application may be running In the background and drains the battery even though the phone is in standby mode, which causes the battery to drain.

Here’s how you can easily test battery performance:

For users of iPhone phones can go to Settings and then choose the battery and then Palmrr down, you’ll find two numbers , one refers to a period of standby Standby and the other for the usage mode Uso.

Your usage period should be less than the standby time. If this is not the case, there may be a problem. You can confirm this by entering the waiting and usage times and then clicking the lock button on your phone and leave it locked for five minutes and then check the numbers. If the waiting time is five minutes longer, , But if the usage time is more than a minute, this indicates that your phone is not resting properly.

Users of the Android operating system can get the same information from the settings then choose the device and then the battery (or settings and then choose the battery if they have the latest version of Android). The information in this menu is the same as on iPhone, but under the “Device Idle” option, it is the same as the standby mode.

Drain battery emails:

In order to prolong battery life phone iPhone , you must e – mail settings lose, to stop Aalakhtarat momentary Push Notifications and determine the status of bringing manually messages, you can set notifications Streamer messages settings by going to Settings and select Accounts, then select passwords and press to bring new data , Change to manually, then email will not send you notifications until you sign in.

For Android users, they can manage the notification settings for any of the applications that are used by going to Settings, then select Applications, then select the desired application and modify its own settings.

Limit download and update of applications in the background:

There are a lot of reasons why apps in the background, such as the music app to fetch new playlists, update the Facebook app to feed news, these apps are causing battery depletion.

To check battery-intensive applications in the background, go to Settings , choose your battery, and you’ll see a list of battery-intensive applications. Content downloads for these apps can be turned off automatically in the background by Settings and then Go to General and then the Background Application Update page , And here you can turn it off.

You can turn off application updates automatically on your iPhone by going to Settings and then going to iTunes and App Store , so you can disable application updates automatically.

Low power mode can add more working hours:

The iOS or Android operating system comes with a low power feature that allows you to turn off almost all additional phone features at any time and save battery power throughout the day. You can turn it on when the battery is down to 20% or much earlier – by going to Settings, then Battery, and turning on Low power mode.

Low power mode with iPhone phones

The Android operating system automatically turns on battery saving if you leave the settings the same, but you can also turn them on manually by going to Settings, then Battery, then clicking the menu icon and selecting “Save battery power.”

Low power mode with iPhone phones

With these simple steps you can keep your smartphone battery charging longer, to do a lot of everyday tasks.