Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular and reliable services, but it is not without some errors. One of the main complaints Google faces is that its maps work better with a strong data connection, which we do not always have. Offline mode, but this wonderful feature becomes useless without some preventive measures.

How to access Google Maps without an Internet connection

You’ll need to download the map area before you can take advantage of Google Maps offline, which is what we mean when we say things have to be done proactively.

Be aware that you need large storage space to save maps up to 1.5 GB, and you can download maps data on an external SSD card by going to the list first, then selecting areas not connected to the Internet, then choose the settings, then Preferences Storage, then you can choose to save to an external memory card instead of the device, and it’s also important to note that these maps expire after 30 days, due to changing the world a lot every day.

Before you see automatic map updates, just go to your app settings, choose Offline Maps, and activate automatic updates. This will ensure you keep maps offline offline when they expire, and you can even choose to Only updated when using Wi-Fi network.

Also keep in mind that offline, you will not get everything Google Maps offers, since offline maps will not contain information such as bicycle routes, walking directions, and public transport details.

How to store offline maps

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Find the region or location you want to download.
  3. If you searched for a specific place, the name bar should appear at the bottom, and if it is not, just click and hold somewhere on the map to show the section, tap it to see more options.
  4. Click Download.
  5. You can now zoom in and out, making the download area larger or smaller.
  6. After making your selection, click the Download button in the lower right corner.

Once you’ve downloaded the maps you want, you can navigate and search for directions as you would when connected to the Internet.