Uninstall these 5 Apps Immediately from Your Smartphone, Threat of Data Theft

A good working smartphone is not just from the Features but also the apps. Many times it happens that we download some apps that affect our phone’s performance. There are many apps on the Google Play Store that have been attacked by viruses.

These apps are big security risk for your mobile and personal data in your phone.  Immediately remove these apps from your phone and improve performance of your phone.

In such a case, if you install these apps on your smartphone, then both the performance and data of your phone can be traced to hackers. Apart from this, after downloading these apps, your smartphone speed may slow down, as well as your phone will get hot again.

We are going to tell you about such apps, which you do not install and if they are in your smartphone, then delete them immediately.

Block Strike: Package Name- com.rexetstudio.blockstrike,

  • Maximum Download – 5,00,00,000,
  • Minimum Downloads – 1,00,00,000

Parkour Simulator 3D: Package name-com.akademgp.parkoursimulator3Dstuntsandtrick,

  • Maximem Download- 1,00,00,000,
  • Minimum Download- 50,00,000

NeoNeonMiner: Package name-com.kangaderoo.neoneonminer,

  • Maximem Download- 1,00,000,
  • Minimum Downloads- 50,000

AoVivoNaTv: Package name-com.aovivonatv.app,

  • Maximum Download – 10,000,
  • Minimum Download – 5,000

Stolik: Package name-co.stolik.stolik,

  • Maximum download- 5,000,
  • Minimum download – 1,000

If you know any other dangerous apps, feel free for comments.