Increase Internet Speed

We always connect to the Internet on our mobile phones, whether for browsing, entertainment, work or otherwise, and Internet speed may sometimes impede us from completing our mission and what we do.

Here are some of the most important tricks you can do to increase the speed of the Internet on your Android phone.

1. Did you know that you can save time and money during your use of the Chrome browser, by limiting data usage? Most people do not know, you can easily reduce your settings usage by 30%, and reduce the load on your phone, making it faster to use.

Just enter your browser settings, and turn your data provider into play mode.

2. We are often annoyed by the many ads that appear constantly in the games or applications that we upload on the phone, but it is not only a matter of inconvenience; these advertisements contribute greatly to the slow Internet speed and speed of the phone.

You can get rid of those ads by blocking those annoying ads by applying the ” Adblock Browser “.

To download the Adblock Browser application click here.

3. You can easily increase the speed of the Internet significantly through the application « DNS Changer », a free application is located on the Google Play Store, install the application, and then do the Internet either through Wi-Fi or your data.

To download the DNS Changer application click here.

4. It’s the way you can integrate Wi-Fi speed connected to your phone with the Internet Bundle on your phone, so you can get a faster internet speed that integrates Wi-Fi speed with your Internet package, all through the free application « Speedify »Easily available on Google Play Store.

You can download the Speedify application by clicking here.