World Earth Day Pakistan

Today Earth Day is the World Earth Day. It is being celebrated in 192 countries including Pakistan around the world. Google has created a doodle and has a message of Earth Day.

Earth Day is being celebrated on Earth Day ie April 22. It was started in 1970 by American senator Gaylord Nelson. Its purpose was to make people around the world aware of environmental protection. Today Earth Day is celebrated in 192 countries of the world. Google has also made a doodle and has given a message to Earth Day.

History of Earth Day

Earth Day was started by American senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. It was legal to leave the harmful chemicals released from factories in the surrounding environment. Nelson started a campaign against it and got recognition around the world.

World Earth Day 2018

The World Earth Day 2018 is celebrating in Pakistan to create awareness about the pollution caused by plastic. In our everyday life, we are surrounded by plastic made items. Plastic is used in the manufacture of all items from bags, bottles to vehicles and electronic goods.

Experts shared that plastic products take hundreds of years to decompose as they have strong chemical bonds that make them last longer. The simplest plastic normally used in grocery store bags take at least 100 years to break down, while the complex ones take between 100 and 600 years or can last even beyond that. During this period, these plastic products keep damaging the environment until they are completely decomposed.

Plastics can not be bodied

Despite disposing of plastic, its elements remain in the atmosphere for more than 2,000 years. Earth Day Network termed Plastics West’s management as a global crisis. Along with this, people have called for environmental protection by reducing the use of plastic.

The theme for World Earth Day this year stresses that every individual, policymaker and business must take action against plastic pollution in order to protect our ecosystems.

The issue of plastic pollution in Pakistan is worsening due to an inadequate solid waste disposal system in the many big cities. Urbanization has increased demand of plastic products and since these products are much cheaper and affordable compared to metal, wood and ceramic, its use is increasing day by day.

A solid waste collection activity took place by students and volunteers to change behaviour towards plastics and educate the general public about the issue.

More Facts about Earth Day

  • On April 22, the whole ‘World Earth Day‘, that is, ‘Earth Day’ celebrates, aimed at describing environmental protection around the world.
  • It was founded in 1970 by American senator Gerald Nelson as an environmental education. It is now celebrated in more than 192 countries every year.
  • In the 1970’s, about 200 million people had gathered in college and university campuses in America on the first ‘Earth Day’.
  • People used to oppose the factory, power plant, sewage and pesticides on environment and pollution, but ‘Earth Day’ gave everyone an opportunity to put their talk together on one platform.
  • Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed for ‘Earth Day’ on 22 April, while San Francisco activist John McConnell proposed Spring Equinox to be held on March 21, but finally on 22 April ‘Earth Day Selected for ‘.