dream job

Few people interested in LinkedIn, although this site is a key site in the process of communicating with others, especially those looking for a dream job. In contrast, 90% of recruitment officials look for suitable candidates for jobs available through this site.

So you should never underestimate this site and develop and update your page with all the details of your career and developments, and to do this to you these tips from the expert of employment in LinkedIn, “Blair Disambreil:

What do you put in your file?

Blair confirms that users who list their education documents and certificates in the file appear in searches 17 times more than they do not. Adding some other details like the location or country you want to work makes the user appear 23 times more than he does not do searches.

The recruitment expert confirmed that the profile image is very important as it increases your profile views in searches 21 times more and increases the messages you receive 36 times more.

Choose the appropriate method to express yourself

It is very important to write a summary of you, which is an introduction to the contents of your profile in at least 40 words talking about your skills and motives and what inspires you, a paragraph that will raise the attention of the employer and alert him to your file.

But think about what attracts the attention and attention of the employers. There are millions of “marketing managers” files, but a title like “Master of Digital Medical Marketing” will make your profile distinct from other employees in your field.

You have the opportunity to add a personal sparkle to your account, with some details and stories that make your file rich in your fingerprint in your career so do not transfer your CV literally to your file on the site.

Take a minute to think about who you’re targeting. Is he a potential employer? New customers? Choose the appropriate method to influence each quality so that your file is not typical. Make sure to highlight your experience in your area, especially the newly acquired.

Your profile also includes volunteer work that has employed your desired skills relevant to your area, which may be of interest to your employers.

Be social

Instead of simply keeping the numbers and means of communication of all those who have passed your professional life you can keep in contact with everyone by admiring or sharing and commenting on the activities of everyone else to always stay in the picture.

You can also communicate with people you have not worked with or met before. You can send a message saying, “Hi, I’m so, I work in the same field, I admire your company’s performance, so I want to stay in contact with you.”

Always update your profile

If you want your profile to appear, you’ll need to periodically update it on what you’ve done in your area of ​​work, the papers and papers you’ve written, the projects you’ve participated in and completed or the symposia and visual presentations you’ve made.

So, look for what you are proud to do and place it in the file, such as photos from an event you organized or a video of a panel discussion in which you were involved or participated.

Types of images

Some people put their pictures with their pets on their LinkedIn accounts, while doing their favorite activity, or with someone, which is totally unprofessional.

So stop using these types of images, which also include a reflective “silve” image in the mirror, images with light effects, or images with too serious an expression.

Also stop enlarging the image by increasing the number of pixels, or using longitudinal images that highlight the entire body, or that cut, or your image with your favorite animal.